Saturday, January 26, 2008

What's Your Story?

I've loved furniture and decor since I was little and decided that my Barbie dream house was in dire need a new furniture and I would design it myself instead of purchasing whatever Matel had ready for the masses.

When I grew up into a 18 year old "adult," I had visions of earning a business degree that would make me rich and powerful. After my short stint in Business Calculus I, it seemed that perhaps money and power weren't everything, but happiness would be key. To me, one giant facet of happiness is a well designed space. So, I made my way to interior design school to pursue that career path and haven't looked back.

After years of hard work, I now have the degree, the LEED accreditation, and the NCIDQ exam under my belt, but still need a good place to dump ideas, both the valid and invalid.

Welcome to my brain. Sorry for the mess. I hope you find something here you like.