Sunday, May 6, 2012

Round Top

I didn't go to Round Top this year (it's been unbearably hot!), but I did go a year and a half ago with my co-hort and kindred spirit Katie. I never posted pictures so I thought I would now. Tis the season.

I wore boots hoping for fall weather 
(dont worry- I switched to some heinously ugly flip flops later.)

Here's me and kindred Katie

Katie, obliging me by posing on an orange velvet sofa.

Some pretty linen pieces...

Some pretty concrete planters

Raw fig pizza! I brought some raw vegan lunch fixin's. No meat on a stick for us!

Katie hunting for goods in one of the tents.

Me, squinting in the sweltering sun, in some Saarinen tulip chairs (hello, ugly flip flops and ponytail).

Cool signage

More fun junk!

We saw lots of Airstreams! 
I guess some people were parking out there for the week! How cool!

I'm a sucker for letters and metal/industrial pieces!

Cool lights.

Clutter- the booth I wanted to visit most!

Due to excessive sweating and walking in the sweltering August sun, we called it quits around 4pm. We headed back to the parking lot only to find Katie's car was missing- it had been towed! Two kind ladies, who had saves their own car from a similar fate, volunteered to help us (one of the ladies threw herself on her car as the tow truck man was hooking her car to his big mean hook). They drove us faaaaar away to where Katie's car was impounded. Instead of pay over $200 to the towing co, Katie turned on the water works and gave such a great performance, which convinced the man to give her back her car for cheap.

It was a Fun day! Completely exhausting and we didn't find anything we could live without, but fun nonetheless.

Anyone else got any good stories from Round Top?