Sunday, March 27, 2011


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I'm working. 

Are you?



Friday, March 18, 2011

Green + Gold = Grold?

Just a little eye candy for your Friday. :)

by Nate Berkus
 I love everything about this photo: the stripes on the wood floors, that rattan chair, the ceiling beams, those cool blue chairs, that INCREDIBLE chandelier... oh and you KNOW I love that green/gold (let's call it "grold") tufted sofa with the MCM vibe. Sigh. So great. I think rooms like this feel comfortable and inviting but still have a stylish, pulled-together look. Nothing is matchy-matchy, yet everything works together.
(Doesn't hurt that the home has great bones- check out those arches!)

I think the symmetry of the space plan- two armoires flanking the window, the seating arrangement, the 2 stools by the fireplace- rein in those casual, eclectic furniture pieces into a formal arrangement. What a great balance!

Those 2 rugs anchor each area into its own little spot. And the green plants add life and a welcome splash of color!

Well done, Nate, well done! 
(Like he needed my approval)



Monday, March 14, 2011

Last pics of Costaaaah

Here is the last batch of photos from our trip (I promise!). I hope you've enjoyed them instead of suffering through them like some relative's boring slide show of their vacation.

Cigar guy- guess what he's doing? Yah. Making cigars.

Message in a bottle!

Beach sunset at the Los Suenos Resort near Jaco.

Day in the sun

I cannot remember what this fruit was called, but it was Delish! It must have been related to a pomegranate. When I opened it, it was hollow with these dark sunflower seed-like seeds in a clear jelly. Appetizing? No. But tasty? Yes.

One of our dinners. That's my pal Katie on the left and me note right.

El Avion- a restaurant with an old WWII airplane inside it. Here's my man surveying the beach.

Here's that airplane...

And here's the best drink I think I've ever had- Cool Runner. It was like a mango colada. So yum!!!

Thanks for offering through my vacay pics!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Costaaaaah pt.2

La Paz Waterfall Gardens! We hiked and toured this garden and park full of tropical animals. It was up on the mountain so the weather was misty and wet. We all bought ponchos to stay dry during the hike.

Here is the main waterfall. Beautiful, isn't it?

Angry bird.

I'm laughing because this toucan promptly pooped on my hat as soon as he landed there. The guide there said (in his heavy Spanish accent), "ooooh, don worry. Eets jus banana." And it was just banana on my hat- even if it had passed through that toucan's digestive tract.

Then we stopped for a lunch. This is dessert: rice pudding with cinnamon plantains!

Fresh mango juice and real Costa Rican grown coffee!

Next was the Coffee Plantation tour- I was one happy camper! The plantation was lower in altitude that the waterfall garden so we drove down back into the sunshine.

Lovely day, right?


Costaaaaah! Pt. 1

The hubs and I went to Costa Rica for a work trip (for him) last month! I keep meaning to show you photos.

How tropical- a ginormous bird of paradise floral arrangement!
Those candles have coffee beans in the wax. Coffee is Costa Rica's biggest export (except for intel chips- who knew?). Of course I love that about Costa.

(just so you know, I started referring to it as "Costaaaaaah" like a Greek old man saying "opaaaah!" don't ask me why- I just thought I was funny.)

San Jose was temperate in climate- sunny and warm during the day and cool and breezy at night. The lush greenery was beautiful.

Unfortunately, this is my iPhone's limit for photo blogging uploading, so I'll post mire pictures in another blog post.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

I love lamp

Circa lamps, actually. Check them out for awesome lighting. Their pendants are cool too. I just happened to be scouting for table lamps this day.

We used this one in a photo shoot- beautiful!

Lamps can be like jewelry for a room- Don't you agree?


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Je T'aime Paris....

This Parisian home is right up my ally- plenty of color, vintage furniture, and an incredible view of my favorite city. Yes, thank you, I'll move right in!

Hello yummy teal wall!

 What great colors on that shelving unit! And I love that tufted grey banquette seating paired with the natural wood table and chairs. And what cool pendant lights!

Such great wallpaper. With this paper and the big library downstairs, I think it's safe to say the people who live here are bibliophiles.

 I do NOT hate this view. 
Bonjou, Tour Eiffel!

(Photos and article can be found here.)



Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Designer Things

Ok so these aren't really finds seeing as the dec center is the place for everyone to see cool things on display, but here are a few things that struck my fancy the other day:

Seashell themed things can seem so one-note (hello beach house!), but I'm starting to appreciate this motif in a broader sense. As long as the seashells aren't actually from the beach and hot glued together to make something "artsy..."

Again, shell-like things done well- mirror and delicious turquoise sconces. Really, I think I took this picture for those sofa pillows. I'm kind of obsessed with metallic fabric right now.

Oh hi, don't mind me snapping a pic if this fantastic mirror. But really, isn't it great?! Again with the ocean inspired accessories!

(lamp is from Lee Jofa; other photos taken at Courtney & Co)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Blog Love: Wardrobe Diaries

Do y'all know about this blog? It's my new obsession. 

Take a peek and thank me later. ;)