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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Granny Chic

I am just SO busy lately. Sorry to neglecting the blog. We've finally moved in to our new place and I LOVE it. The tenant before us had a case of serious dwelling neglect so I've also been SUPER busy painting everything! I have the most wonderful color scheme going on. And providentially, have found almost every can of paint on sale (I love you, Home Depot paint rejects shelf!). I am going for a recycled, vintage, granny-chic, bright colors kind of look in the new place. Here are some of my inspiration paint swatches... so far:

So this fits right in. I want to make one! Get some molding scraps, broken ornate garage sale find frames, etc, and spray them all a nice burnished gold before mounting them on the real mirror frame. Wouldn't it be a super fast and easy DIY project? I think so.

I saw this on Design*Sponge today and developed a crush. Most decidedly AGAINST the antler head trend, I couldn't help but like this rhino bust. Is that weird? Sometimes, I cannot explain why I am attracted to some things... (like rompers or harem pants) and this is a prime example:

I kind of want him.



Thursday, May 13, 2010

What a Good Thought

Happiness and contentment are such kissing cousins, aren't they?


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mid-century Dream

Apartment Therapy featured this beautiful home by blogger SecondHandHannah which is now my new favorite blog. Her home is my mid-century modern craigslist-find dream. Check out these lovely images of her home:

I love the colorful pots and dishes on display in this black and white kitchen. I think my Fiestaware collection would go nicely here.


Sweet Paul Breakfast

I love the new trend of online magazines.  I am currently obsessed with brunchy-breakfasts and these photos and recipes from the new mag Sweet Paul are tantalizing. Have a look, or drool:

 Eggs Benedict are me and my hubby's favorite special breakfast. We had it on our honeymoon and we have it every anniversary. Yummy and sentimental.

 Oh my word, who doesn't love French toast!? I ALWAYS like French toast. This looks amazing.

That vanilla porridge with cooked pears also looks delicious. All I need is a strong espresso to go with such good morning food. Mmm....

Which recipe would you try?


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Industrial Chic (+ a kitty)

I want this to be my office.

I also have a new affinity for white ceramic cats... there's one at the entry way of our new apartment building and I love it.

Blu Dot offices, image here.


Monday, May 10, 2010


Our new rental is adorable. It's located in a great part of town, close to art museums and great restaurants and running paths. We love living there. But there is one teeny problem with the apartment- limited storage. I have the daunting task of making some kind of storage space in our little bitty bathroom. There are literally no cabinets, so I am getting creative with storage solutions.

First, Adding a medicine cabinet (hopefully, this one) behind a mirror for over the sink storage. This will house things like toothbrushes, dental floss, face wash, medicine and first aid kind of things, and the like.

Second, I will put a little storage bin underneath the wall mounted sink and then make a little skirt to hide it. I think, these clear plastic drawers will house hair products, blow dryer/chi iron, netti pots (you do have one, don't you?) and other larger toiletries. Keeping those things close at hand is functional and hiding them with a skirt keeps everything feeling neat in that small space. This great no-sew sink skirt tutorial will do just the trick. Still keeping an eye out for the perfect fabric. Suggestions?

Third, I am buying one of these over-the-toilet etagere things. I know they're not the chic-est storage solution, but they're functional and affordable. This will take the place of having closed cabinets. I will store ugly stuff like cleaning supplies and toilet paper... things that need to be behind closet doors, literally.

So that's my space maximizing bathroom plan. After the organization, I will actually make a decorating plan/color scheme, etc. For now, I'm keeping everything (except the sink skirt) white- tile, walls, sink/toilet, and etagere. The fabric I choose for the skirt will dictate what kind of color accents happen to liven up the pint-sized bath.

Any tips? Any recommendations for storage or fabric?


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

CB2, I love you

 I want this living room.
With my favorite citrus green and turquoise accents added, of course.
Do you like?


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Welcome to my Office

How would you like to work here? 
I mean, really, this space is incredible! This space belongs to Artis Capital Management in San Francisco who hired Rottet Studio (a Houston firm) to do their interior design. Everything is so sleek and clean with a very contemporary art exhibit feel. I wonder if the people who work here feel like they live in contemporary art museum.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Inspiration

Hello, new week! I'm ready for you!Here's some inspiration to get you going too.

 Glam Cam (Diaz, that is). How care-free and glam she is! That's how I look when I'm just hanging 'round the house. Notice those tufted Barcelona-eque chairs... the breezy white color palette with color from flowers. So Cali.
image from Vogue, June 2009. source.
Speaking of Barcelona Chairs.... really trying to fit them into the budget for a project I'm working on. They're just so classically chic.
image from DWR
I often neglect my bedroom when it comes to decorating. I am guilty of treating it like the functional ugly step-child since no one really comes over to see it. But I love the simplicity of this image, combined with the striking artwork. You don't need much fluff added to this, do you?
I predict that my color for the summer season will be this red-orange. I've loved this color for a few years now, but I'm starting to see it everywhere- it's definitely gone commercial, wouldn't you say? I love it for summertime. By the way, can anyone source that upholstery fabric on that settee? I think it's gorgeous. 
Image from the fabulous M. Design Interiors

Hope you have a great week ahead!