Monday, May 10, 2010


Our new rental is adorable. It's located in a great part of town, close to art museums and great restaurants and running paths. We love living there. But there is one teeny problem with the apartment- limited storage. I have the daunting task of making some kind of storage space in our little bitty bathroom. There are literally no cabinets, so I am getting creative with storage solutions.

First, Adding a medicine cabinet (hopefully, this one) behind a mirror for over the sink storage. This will house things like toothbrushes, dental floss, face wash, medicine and first aid kind of things, and the like.

Second, I will put a little storage bin underneath the wall mounted sink and then make a little skirt to hide it. I think, these clear plastic drawers will house hair products, blow dryer/chi iron, netti pots (you do have one, don't you?) and other larger toiletries. Keeping those things close at hand is functional and hiding them with a skirt keeps everything feeling neat in that small space. This great no-sew sink skirt tutorial will do just the trick. Still keeping an eye out for the perfect fabric. Suggestions?

Third, I am buying one of these over-the-toilet etagere things. I know they're not the chic-est storage solution, but they're functional and affordable. This will take the place of having closed cabinets. I will store ugly stuff like cleaning supplies and toilet paper... things that need to be behind closet doors, literally.

So that's my space maximizing bathroom plan. After the organization, I will actually make a decorating plan/color scheme, etc. For now, I'm keeping everything (except the sink skirt) white- tile, walls, sink/toilet, and etagere. The fabric I choose for the skirt will dictate what kind of color accents happen to liven up the pint-sized bath.

Any tips? Any recommendations for storage or fabric?


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