Friday, December 31, 2010

Ruthie Sommers wants me to move to Paris

I've loved Ruthie Sommers since I saw her in Domino with that famous raspberry Lee Jofa La Fiorentina fabric. This article about her in Lonny makes me love her even more.

 The green with white chair rail and crisp black and white graphic art is lovely.

I love that she says clients should be the stars as opposed to the celebrity designers.

This is my favorite- she's won me over- I"ll move to Paris. :)

Happy New Year's Eve, peeps!



Thursday, December 16, 2010

Package in the mail

I got something in the mail the other day...

It was a package of little glittery birds! My darling sweet Momma sent them to me! They're ornanments and they are adorable!

You see, I have a Christmas Tree with all the trimmings waaaaay back in my storge unit (that unit is the bane of my existance). All my baubles are copper and eggplant purple or sparkly silver- and then there are the birds. Yes, those funny feathery birds you clip on to the tree branches... I have those an LOVE them! Anyway, Since we couldn't put a tree up this year (we don't have the space in this teeny temporary apartment nor the desire to dig through our storage unit), Momma sent me these perky tiny birds for some fun decoration. I keep thinking putting them in a wreath or hanging them from the ceiling with fishing line as a mobile in a corner would be so sweet. I better hurry up- I'm running out if time (whyisthisyearflyingbysofast?Idonthavetimeforanything!!!!!)!

Just wanted to share my sweet birdies! I'll post a pic if/when I get them up. :)

Thanks, Mommy!

Friday, December 10, 2010


We're famous! Just kidding. But really, check out this sweet feature of our year of Wanderlusting on super cool blog Wandering Airstream. This cute couple is about to embark on a travel trailer wanderlusting dream of their own! Show them some love!



Thursday, December 2, 2010

Swimming in an ocean...

I think I'm love with blue right now.  

That dress is perfect for a holiday party! I found it when googling "ocean blue draperies," ha ha. I guess ocean blue and draping were key words?

Also, I did this blue velvet sofa with citrine pillows and zebra run (and IS THAT A MARBLE OR MALECHITE TABLE?!?!?!) from Nick Olsen's blog.

Such a royal color, that blue, don't you think?



Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Redd all over

Oh I just saw this fantastic article/interview of Miles Redd and I'm just mesmerized- he is wonderful. 

Read it.

Look at the pictures. 




Strong and Happy Girls

"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles." — Audrey Hepburn

I love that! Inspirational quote lead to an inspirational room design:

via my Polyvore.

(The blue silk drapes like this:)
image from RUE magazine



Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I do have more photos from San Miguel to show you, but it seems I've caught some Mexican flu or something. So today is a rambling of semi-coherent medicine-induced thoughts...

-Why am I always sick?

-Can people get bed sores from laying in bed too long or is that just a Middle Ages thing?

-I want to make a delicious tagine- that sounds WAY better than chicken broth

-Blog reading is a great way to distract myself while feeling bored in bed: Lil Bee, Le Seur Interiors,
Chapman Interiors, all good reads.

-I want to resurrect my book club with my sweet friend Abby. To Kill a Mockingbird (don't judge me- I've never read it). Here is another inspirational places for book titles, I may use.

-I should paint my bathroom- it really needs it. Maybe that'll be my next project. That and cleaning.

-I can't get that crazy ethereal White Hinterland song Icarus out of my head (from the Project Runway finale)- finally googled it. So now I'm listening to it on repeat. Haunting. In a good way.

-I think I need some good galoshes... black ones with knee socks.

-I also think I need ankle booties, maybe grey ones.

frugal fashionista
- I just need to shop for some basics. Look how chic Elle looks in basics.  Jeggings, a good bootie, fresh tops, clean but cute.

- Speaking of clean but cute, I should wash and actually fix my hair. I tend to become a slob when I'm sick. How about this?

- And then maybe I could cuddle up in a spot like this? Surely, I'd be feeling better in no time....

- That gilded mirror, chrome table, lucite lamps, knarled stump table, and cuddly fur throw are such an amazing mix of materials. Texture = interest, in my opinion.

Didn't I just ramble? Yes, yes, I did. I promise I do have interesting post topics to blog about- San Miguel, meeting Jonathan Adler, Christmas wishlist, something cute I got in the mail, and color inspirations.... maybe tomorrow will be a better day. :)



Friday, November 26, 2010

Hotel Matilda

Our hostess at the Casa suggested we visit Hotel Matilda for dinner or drinks because it's new and fabulous. She said it is a very modern Mexican looking place and very chic. Katie and I made plans to see it and have a cocktail there early in the week. And guess who else thought it was a chic and fabulous place to visit? Martha Stewart. She tweeted that she visited Hotel Matilda for its Grand Opening just days before! Man, we are hot on Martha's trails! ha ha!

Really, though, the place was gorgeous!

photo from Hotel Matilda
 The spot on the left is where we had drinks.

I had a margarita
(The stylishly moody lighting was too dark for my poor iphone photos.)

photo from Hotel Matilda
This is a daytime view of the hotel entrance. The concierge desk straight ahead, a millstone fountain to the left, and the bar entrance stairs to the right.

 This is the view from the bar/balcony, that overlooks the hotel lobby.
Aren't these little side tables cute? I immediately recognized them from Oly. There was kind of a hands and feet theme in the bar- maybe it was a play on the expression "waiting on you hand and foot," ha ha. There were silver hands holding trays against the benches along the wall (see terrible quality photo below):
See the funny arms extending from the benches, holding trays?
photo from Hotel Matilda
This is that wall along the bar in the daytime

photo from Hotel Matilda
 This is the other side of the bar. It's a bit more loungey.

photo from Hotel Matilda
 Katie and I decided to go explore the rest of the hotel, while our husbands held down the fort at the bar. This room was like a hotel lounge. I loved the furniture!

I loved this funny portrait, prominently displayed (dang you, iphone camera). I like that the artistic focus in all the public spaces.

photo from Hotel Matilda
This is the view looking up from that lounge area. That big blue rectangle is a giant piece of artwork that reminds me of a bunch of heads of cauliflower dyed blue. There's a pink version elsewhere in the hotel. Those horizontal wood slats give privacy to the hotel room hallways above.

These images are from the bathroom. I adored that chocolate croc wallcovering! It looked like leather or faux leather.

photo from Hotel Matilda
This is the courtyard area with an infinity pool that trickles over the rocky wall.

photo from Hotel Matilda
I didn't actually get to see a private room, but this image from the website is beautiful, isn't it!?

photo from Hotel Matilda
A private balcony- the light is so beautiful

photo from Hotel Matilda
Another private room- I love the furnishings!

Don't you want to visit Hotel Matilda now!? Upon further investigation, I discovered that the fantastic interiors were design by none other than Nashville based famous design firm McAlpine Booth and Ferrier Interiors. Click here to read an article by Hospitality Design magazine.

If visiting San Miguel, I highly suggest you stay with or visit Hotel Matilda.



Monday, November 22, 2010

Hola from San Miguel

In the Mercado, doing some shopping.

 This was right after we met Martha Stewart (her majesty)! My friend Katie and I had seen on Twitter that she was in San Miguel, and that she would be in the Mercado the day we had planned to go. And who should we see right as we walk in, but the great Martha Stewart! We were giddy and Katie bravely ran over to her (and I followed) to invite her to a cocktail party. She was so lovely. I have loved her since I was a middle schooler and watched her show daily. So fun to see her in person! I so wish we'd gotten a picture!!!

From the Casa we are staying- Our rooftop view! It's incredible at night!

View of the 3 story courtyard- from the rooftop looking down

Husbands watching football (ugh).

My pewter turtle souveneir. In all seriousness, I bought him to be a pretty holder for the copious amounts of vitamins I take each day (I know, I'm a nerd). Katie suggested I name him Victor Vitalidad.

These are just some scenic photos.

I plan to check out some really cool design sources tomorrow, so hopefully I will get a post together on that!

Abrazos! Adios!