Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nate Berkus... is coming to Target!

I realize I am slow to get in the loop on this, but I just found out that Nate Berkus is doing a line of home accessories at Target this fall. I'm giddy.

Remember that time I was in NYC at the Trad Home Magazine Launch Party and I saw Nate Berkus from afar and totally geeked out, didn't ask for a picture or a handshake, but just watched him like a hawk from the other side of the room?  Yah. I love him.  

 Here are some images of his beautiful design work:

all photos from www.NateBerkusdesign.com

Well.... Target is launching a line of home accessories by Nate on October 21st! I am giddy! Take a peek at these:

images from CopyCatChic

Love them all! What's your favorite? I think the jute rug and the gold pillow are mine. My friend Lauren and I are contemplating camping out for some of this cool stuff when they launch the line! Yes, we're a little crazy.



Monday, September 17, 2012

Beh-behs on the Brain

 For all you unfortunate souls following me on Pinterest, you know I've been posting approximately 9875235485 pictures of baby stuff. Sorry. I can't help it. I know I have 5 1/2 more months to go cooking this bun in the oven, but I'm just so excited, I can't stop. Can't. Stop. Pinning.

I think my thoughts are beginning to resemble pins now. Just this morning as I was waking up, I said, "Oh my gosh, I know how we should decorate the baby's nursery." My man smiled and said "shhh." I wait .5 seconds before blurting out "BABY WANDERLUSTER!" He smiled and went back to sleep. 

I was thinking about how everything I'm obsessing over for my registry is travel related, so it would be cute to do a camper-themed nursery.

THEN I remembered pinning this several months ago:

Little Scamper via Lay Baby Lay

See? I'm so obsessed with Pinterest, I can't even remember that I pinned this. That's sad, my friends. Anyway, I've been loving the idea of a midcentury vibed nursery, with a crib and our cool vintage dresser that will become the changing table. But those are the only pieces I have in mind. 

I know I want to do a neutral base, grey walls, with navy accents, medium walnut wood finishes, and some silver and brass accents, with a stripe/chevron/some graphic.... once I know the gender, I will throw in either fuschia and acid green or tangerine and acid green.... I think.... 

And THEN I saw this: 
Little Indians, via Size Too Small

So. Darn. Cute. I think I have to have a teepee. I mean... have to. I like that this look could go more tribal and neutral if I wanted to leave out the bright colors.... good option.

So that's the general direction I'm thinking with Baby Gahm's abode. Thanks for listening to my excited rambling. :)



Thursday, September 13, 2012


Went antique shopping for a client the other day and found such a treasure trove of goodies. Had to share these iPhone snaps with you!

Love the mirrored Nesting tables!

Acrylic coffee table

I want this zinc top farmhouse table- for me.

Sally Wheat vignette- cool marble pieces.

Darling vintage liquor set!

Acrylic pedestal bases for a glass top table! Love this idea!

Beautiful console

Then I stopped at Kuhl Linscomb and saw this mini bertoia chair.... And almost died at the cuteness. I mean really? I think Baby Gahm needs this.

- SG, Posted from my iPhone

Monday, September 10, 2012

DwellStudio Fabrics

I'm kind of obsessed with DwellStudio. Yes, I am. I adore the bedding. And the midcentury furniture and accessories are fabulous too.

order their catalog for more eye candy, like this

And I think my wildest dreams are coming true: DwellStudio is launching a fabric line through Robert Allen. YES!

Here are a few pics from Lonny and Great Bones Good Pieces. Seriously, I love.

love the green marbled fabric!
That green fabric would look amazing upholstering an French-style Bergere, like this:

 And that floral wants to be some fun draperies! Or a tight-upholstered ottoman

fabrics on display along with some of their furniture pieces

some of the inspiration behind the fabric collection

DwellStudio's founder and Creative Director, Christiane Lemieux

These will be available next month through Robert Allen! I'll be running to the Design Center as soon as they are! Cannot wait!

See any you like?



Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lonny is my dream mag

You guys, I love Lonny Mag. Really. Everytime I remember to browse through it, my creativity is inspired!

Here are some of my favorite images from the latest issue (eye candy):

I love you, LA
Mmm, love a moody bookcase (from Dwell Studios)

adorable kitchen, with Wisteria barstools, and cute open shelves and knick-knacks

Wish this was my breakfast nook. How cozy!
loving the farmhouse style table, zebra cafe curtains, industrial chandelier, and pop of red!

drool, amazing application of Black Crow Studios Wallpaper!

Fun living room- but I really love that swirly marbled green malachite-y wallpaper in the entry!
such an unexpectedly soft and retro bedroom

I always adore inky walls

Oh Lonny, you never disappoint.

See any trends you like? Any trends you hate?

I'm all ears. :)


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Watery dreams

I am crazy for Black Crow Studios Watercolor wallpaper. Look how amazing and colorful these wallpapers make the space! It's like living in an ethereal watercolor! 

Love the girly mauve and the pop of kelly green!

This is my favorite image! I think you could get away with bold colors like this in an entry.

It would also be fabulous in a dining room

As always, feel free to contact me if you are interested in anything posted here. I'd love to talk someone into using this wallpaper. ;)

All images are from Black Crow Studios.