Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas time is here!

I've been a busy bee- getting lots of client homes ready for Christmas parties. But I have had some time to prepare ourselves for the holidays.

Here are some iPhone pics:

Our tiny Christmas tree!

My Christmas present- Nespresso!

Proofing and sending Christmas cards.

Movie night with hubs- hilariously accurate.

Christmas tree at the Galleria!

Stay tuned for some NYC pics! We are spending new year's eve there this year! So excited!!!

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Thursday, December 1, 2011


My favorite color has been purple for a long time, but I never tend to use a lot of it in interiors. And the whole contrasting color scheme thing usually isn't my favorite way to do an interior space, but Mancuso Warner Miller did a great job with using purple and yellow, contrasting colors, both in bright intensities, and making it pop.

I do like the use of symmetry in the space. I think it grounds all the bright colors and gives a sense of order to a space that could feel a little "too." The pairs of matching chairs, pillows, mirrors and console, lamps, and even the valances are all very balanced feeling.

Love this styling: bowls, geodes, and lucite.

I usually discourage placing furniture in front of windows, but this chaise fits there so cleverly! 

Great little console/desk and love that pop of sunshine yellow! 

Really cool sofa table. Anyone know where that's from? 

This might be my favorite view: that artwork and that buffet are wonderful! 

Really, such a great space!

What's your take on contrasting colors as a color scheme?


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Camper

This adorable camper renovation is brilliant.

 I LOVE with the clean, light color palette, and the use of that Cole and Son wallpaper. Those Ghost chairs are so visually lightweight for a tiny space too! Such a great design!

Kinda makes me want to re-do ours... 

I am also deciding to make this on Christmas this year. My husband's family always does a gingerbread house contest. This year, hubs and I are bringing out the big guns and gonna make one like this.... need to start the planning process.

My new running shoes feel like running on clouds. Not that you asked, but I wanted to share. ;)


Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend break

Guess what we did this weekend....

We went Scamping!

Husband and I Have been so busy lately that we decided we needed a get-away! This is the prefect way to spend time together! We decided to head south to Galveston!

Our Friday night sunset self-portrait.

Here's the inside. After we watched the sunset, we got out Netflix and Hulu and watched some of our favorite shows and sipped some red wine. Ahhh, relaxation!

See how happy I am to have a relaxing weekend?

I was distraught to see all the terrible stenciled painting in the restrooms. They needed some designer help!!!

The next morning, we got up early to watch the sunrise.... Then went back to bed for a while. We have to sleep in, it's Saturday!

Panoramic view

We spent the day walking along the Strand.

Some yummy vegan Greek food (lunch!). We then headed back to the Scamp for naps, then an afternoon reading by the pool.

Our next door among neighbors were a retired couple who had a GIANT bus of a camper. We struck up a conversation with them and ended up joining them for dinner back in town.

The next morning was considerably cooler, so I spent most of it outside, drinking coffee, reading and journalling. So refreshing.

Ps, I doodled this while I was journaling.

Such a lovely weekend with my guy! We discussed how much we really loved our Little Scamp and want to take it out more often! I'm thinking a trip to Lost Maples sounds wonderful!

I envision camping like this (photos from - check out this entire engagement session!).

Fall puts everyone in the mood to camp, I think. Even Joni blogged about "Glamping" (the glam version of trailer camping) here. Thanks for sharing the link, mom!

Anyway, I definitely want to update our little camper. It needs some new AC and I'd like to put in an awning and some outdoor chairs- like this Ralph Lauren camper.

So much fun. I love my Scamp!

- SG, Posted from my iPhone

Friday, October 14, 2011

Beautiful Memorial Living Room

Pardon the iPhone photos, but I just had to show this beautiful living room! Aren't those coral drapes gorgeous?! They really turned out well!

We reupholstered the client's old sofa and had the wooden frame refinished. The fabric is from Duralee, the pillow fabric is Etamine, and the geometric rug from Creative Flooring.

The Joseph Company did all our upholstery work. Didn't they do a great job?

Such a great coffee table!

The room isn't done- we are having some floating shelves made to flank either side of the fireplace and then commissioning some artwork to go above.

- SG, Posted from my iPhone

Don't go breakin' my heart

You know how there are times that you enjoy design elements -like a great chevron patterned wall, or a lovely lucite table- but there are times that you fall head over heals in LOVE with something?!?! Like, it's so amazing, you almost feel desperate to have it in your home or convince a client, a family member, or even a passerby to implement it into their lives!

I feel that way about this wallpaper:

Beautiful beautiful wallpaper....
When I saw this picture, it was like being hit by lightening. I need a wall somewhere to have this.

So i see it at Schumacher at the design center and could hardly leave it there. It's so cruel to an apartment dweller as myself to drool at beautiful wallpapers and not be able to hang them.

Other colorways...

And green....

But my heart belongs to the silver.

Check out the lovely applications (photos from Pink Wallpaper)

This wild print (the pattern comes in fabric too!) makes a traditional banquette unusually cool!

I love this application. Perfect.

This isn't really my style, but doesn't it make a huge statement?!

Please please someone buy this wallpaper, or fabric. Or better yet, call me and I'll help you implement it's utter coolness into your life! ;)

- SG, Posted from my iPhone