Saturday, November 21, 2009

House Love

I would love to live in this gorgeous L.A. home. It looks like one of those container homes that I love so much. At only 1500 square feet, this two story industrial chic phenomenon makes metal and wood livable.

night view of the back
The super functional exterior lighting also creates a warm inviting glow.

street view
The horizontal wood is perfect for the first floor since it's visually heavier than the light colored second floor. To be picky, I think the street view could use a palm tree or two in the front yard to add a little height.

view of the garage and back porch

The cool white interiors are clean and beautiful, but I think I would have added a little color. The low bed is perfect for the window. I think I would add a few pieces of artwork, a pair of colorful lamps for the bedside tables, and a multi-colored/patterned bedspread.

LOVE the Nelson lamps and Eames chairs in the kitchen/eating area. The grey-blue tile is a great echo of the cool color scheme throughout. I wish the gorgeous horizontal wood paneling, shown on the entryway exterior could bleed into the kitchen and warm it up a bit.

living room
I'm just as obsessed with the Cole and Sons birch tree wallpaper as everyone else. I love that this guy used it in a large area, which I don't see very often! I also love the stove.

here's the floorplan
the room labels are really hard to read, but you get the idea.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We Heart It

I just now discovered We heart and I'm in love.

Super cute, no?

I want that dog

And that sofa.... there's something delicious about a tufted crushed velvet sofa, don't you think? I think the color works really well against that seafoam green wall color. The textural artwork above is fantastic too.

(My grandma has a sofa REALLY similar to this one in gold. As the firstborn grandchild, I have dibs on it whenever she decides to replace it. YES!)

(photo from designsponge)