Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rendering Progress Report

Remember how I was dying to get our my rendering markers and refresh my skills with Michelle Morelan's, from A Schematic Life, free tutorials

Well, I never did find those Chartpak markers in my storage unit, but I did find a kind soul on Craigslist willing to part with her set of 50 Prismacolors for $20. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I said 20 bucks. What a happy camper I am! I immediately went home and tried them out. 

First, by making a chart on bristol board paper:
(Don't be jealous of my hand-writing, guys)

Then I traced this photo I found from a photographer's site (why don't I ever record where I snag pics from?!), by following Michelle's tips on sketchy tracing. I did actually use a skinny Sharpie to outline, although Michelle advises not to because they bleed... which is indeed true. But I didn't have any Copic or Staedter liner pens... that's next on the purchase list for Texas Art supply (my favorite store). Then, I loosely colored everything in with the Prismacolor markers.

Here's my final sketchy drawing. It's definitely not as detailed as Michelle's, but I'm happy with how it turned out. Layering the markers for shadows was key.

Here's another image I used as an underlay. It's from Domino Book of Decorating.

Here's my sketchy rendering. I couldn't quite get the curtains the right color and I had some trouble with the lamp light, but it was a good try, I think.

The details are lacking, compared to Michelle's renderings, so hopefully with my renewed interested in rendering, my skills will be improving! It feels good to get back into something you used to enjoy doing, doesn't it?



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Tough Love.



Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Easy Breezy

I promise to blog about something other than home tours soon. I guess I've just been super inspired by lots of blogs and mags lately. I hope you don't mind my sharing. :)

I've really been thinking about the whole "bloom where you're planted" thing and the genius behind Apartment Therapy that "nothing you do for your home is ever wasted." I've been re-inspired to work on our temporary little apartment and really make it something functional and something we love.

Home tours like this one from Design*Sponge, really get my creative juices flowing.

 I like how the slouchy linen slipcovers protect the furniture and also lend a casual feel to the space.

Everything about this home in Madrid is so easy, breezy, and do-it-yourself. I love it. 
Read the full post here.



Monday, September 27, 2010

Autumn is in the air!

Happy Monday, to you all! We've finally gotten some autumn weather here in Houston. The high is 80 today and the low 56! Gloriously sunshiney, not a cloud in the bright blue sky! Just the way I like it.

 The weather makes me want to get out my yarns and crochet hooks and start a new project. Maybe something like this in a navy or grey (can't remember which blog I got this picture from). A few of my friends and I decided to start knitting days, when we teach ourselves to knit, get together to knit and gab. 


I love this Plantation ad. The colors and patterns are lovely. The equestrian art, which I keep seeing as a trend, is great too.

The fall Marc Jacobs line is colorful, flowing yet architectural, and full of great colors. Such great inspiration for interiors!
via Oh Joy.

Some peppy inspiration for today. So true, right? 
I'm choosing contentment and gratitude for today, which for me, equals happiness. :)



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mid Century Modern Dream

Oh I love a good Mid Century Modern Home, especially when it's a local Houston home.

Architect Kellie Mayfield, of Rottet Studio, and her husband designed the renovation. I adore that black and white painting. It's #85 by Christopher Deeton.

Kellie customed designed this credenza- kind of an homage to graffiti. Love that exposed brick!

This room is a flex space kind of room: guest room/office/extra room. The panton chairs are my favorite!

 Beautiful white lacquer cabinets. The counter top is Pierre Brun Limestone from Walker Zanger.

 Master bedroom has sliding doors that open up to the courtyard- so very cool!

The baby's room has a cool hex shelf, designed by Kellie. I spy a CB2 green pouf!

Isn't this house incredible!? I love reading about cool design in my own town.
(All images from Houston House and Home.)



Friday, September 17, 2010

California Dreamin'

 Check out this incredible San Feliz, CA home by Commune. So fantastic, it makes me drool.
 I adore that this little entry way area has a settee and amazing tree-stump table. I think this is my favorite photo of the bunch!

 Maybe this photo's my favorite. Look at those windows! 

So many layers of texture!

You KNOW I love that soffa! Check out that kilim ottoman! And that Eames recliner reupholstered in an ikat! So very cool!

  Those floors are beautiful. And the teal cabinets are lovely against the wooden counters.

This is one instance where I like the antlers. It works here.

I want to have California evenings out here. Dinner parties with delicious organic food and wine and great friends.

I am into this kind of California Dream! California, I LOVE you and I would move there in a second, but why is your economy so bad?



Thursday, September 16, 2010

Inspiration: Living is Never Temporary

Inspiration comes in a variety of avenues for me. 
There are seasons when I feel every sense literally bombarded with it and there are seasons (like recently) when inspiration runs a little dry. This blog post by Holly Mathis (I just discovered her blog) is so incredibly inspirational to me. It reminds me why I love interiors, especially residential interiors and why it IS important to make your nest a pleasant place to live.

Here is my favorite excerpt from the post: 
"Living is Never Temporary. Even if you are renting and in a place for a short time, it is still great to do things to make the space feel like home.  It can be depressing to “put your life on hold” for a year. Instead I suggest unpacking your books, sewing some drapes out of inexpensive fabric and getting on with living, whether is a temporary address or not..... Because that is why we decorate, not to impress others or keep up with trends but to inspire and nurture ourselves and our families.  To live with joy."

Read the entire inspirational entry, here
(I think Holly is a doll.)

I am so inspired. I hope you are too. :)



Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Come to the dark side

With all the white interiors that seem to be so in vogue right now, it's nice to see some interior images utilizing the ultimate contrast color: black.

Martha Stewart certainly is heading to the dark side. Check out this beautiful image from MSL-some of the bedding is from my fave, DwellStudio.

Serena and Lily is emphasizing pops of black lacquer, an idea that I love to deepen calm color palettes. I especially love that piece of art with the script-y, scribbly-looking writing- a small bit of black and white. Makes me think of this rug that I have always loved from Ballard Designs:

I am NOT sick of chalkboard paint yet. And I think this bathroom door in an all white bathroom is a great application! How cute!

This black stained entry way cabinet draws the eye all the way down the hall. I love the rattan and chrome chair and the cow hide rug with it to warm it up. Love it!

I guess I'm a black and white graphic kind of girl because I adore this living/dining photo with the zebra print ottoman and the pair of black shaded lamps. Such a great addition to the other wise, brown-cream-orange color scheme. Black just adds a little bit of edge to things, I think.

ashley goforth designs
This is definitely more than just a pop of black, but the pair of upholstered twin beds in black looks grey with the dark grey and white room.

Even outdoor living space can benefit from a bit of black! Look at these black stained planters, a DIY from DoorSixteen, a blog I just found.

Black is the new black. Add a little to your space and see what it does for you.