Thursday, September 16, 2010

Inspiration: Living is Never Temporary

Inspiration comes in a variety of avenues for me. 
There are seasons when I feel every sense literally bombarded with it and there are seasons (like recently) when inspiration runs a little dry. This blog post by Holly Mathis (I just discovered her blog) is so incredibly inspirational to me. It reminds me why I love interiors, especially residential interiors and why it IS important to make your nest a pleasant place to live.

Here is my favorite excerpt from the post: 
"Living is Never Temporary. Even if you are renting and in a place for a short time, it is still great to do things to make the space feel like home.  It can be depressing to “put your life on hold” for a year. Instead I suggest unpacking your books, sewing some drapes out of inexpensive fabric and getting on with living, whether is a temporary address or not..... Because that is why we decorate, not to impress others or keep up with trends but to inspire and nurture ourselves and our families.  To live with joy."

Read the entire inspirational entry, here
(I think Holly is a doll.)

I am so inspired. I hope you are too. :)




  1. yup i am inspired! thanks steph!!! love the chalkboard contact paper!

  2. Thank you! This was very inspirational :-)

    ~ Clare x

  3. oh man, so true. i think as soon as i realized i wasn't sticking around in this apartment, i quit trying to make it mine. so it's just like, multiplied the misery. i'll get it right next time (i hope!)!

  4. Art, music, architecture, fashion...interior design are "cultural texts." Culture texts help to communicate the abstract thoughts about our worldview (think stained glass windows in a cathedral.) The cultural texts communicate the "narrative" of our lives. So how we live, all of the details, tell part of the story about where we come from, where we are going, who or what is the ultimate authority, what are the codes of conduct and what our purpose is. That's pretty deep stuff when what's being talked about is interior design...but I believe it and it makes the work you are doing now so valuable.