Friday, July 23, 2010

Modern meets Vintage, again

These photos are of the amazing SOL development I've blogged about before (here). This is a home tour of a home that is now lived in and the residents decorated it themselves. As Sol put it, "this is a pretty good example of making a Modern Austin home comfy with heirlooms, personal artwork, and some very sweet mod furniture. This home is also 5 Star Austin Energy Green rated and is powered by Solar Arrays."


 Photos from Austin Sol.



Thursday, July 22, 2010


Design*Sponge just featured this amazing poster by Plaid Creative. I would frame this sucker and put it in my kitchen as a coffee menu. Wouldn't this serve as great inspiration for your daily morning java? I'm ordering one.

You likee?



Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This post has absolutely nothing to do with Interior Design...

We went to Ohio for a friends' wedding this weekend. It was amazing. Taylor was the photographer and got some incredible shots. I can't wait for him to deliver them to the bride and groom- they are going to love them!

Amidst the wedding festivies I had some great relaxing me time: I spent one afternoon, basking in the sun poolside and another afternoon cuddled up in bed, watching junk TV (sometimes that feels so good) and searching the interwebs.

During this time, I was exposed to these two infomercials. Apparently Mari Winsor has a new pilates system that looks like its kicks butt. And this weird tiny ball thing would make my abs amazing. But in all seriousness, I am looking for some sort of core training routine to supplement my half marathon running program. Running's great and everything, but my middle needs toning, regardless.

Oh crap, did I really just admit to training for a half marathon!??!?! Now, everyone knows and is probably going to hold me accountable. Eff.... really, don't hold me to this... I'm still not sure I can run 13.1 miles without stopping... ever. Even in November after consistent training. I guess we'll see. Now that the cat's out of the bag, I'm doing this program for the San Antonio Rock N Roll Half Marathon. I keep hearing it's a blast and I have a handful of friends coercing, no peer-pressuring encouraging me to do it. All I know is, running 3 miles is hard, so I'm freaking out optimistic about 13.1 miles.

My Street Team (ie, girls who are encouraging me to do this race) have so kindly photoshopped me into a real runner's outfit and paraphenalia to help me visualize myself in preparation for race day. Have a gander:

What awesome friends I have, ha ha. While we're on this health tangent, i might as well divulge my new pet project: Joining an organic food co-op. My friend Lindsey and Liz introduced me to this one and I think it's so so cool. I want to buy produce from it (Thanks a lot, Food Inc).

 Anyway, that's the scoop. Thanks for entertaining my tangent. Any advice on my endeavors? 

PS- check out my friend Brandi and Jacob's work out blog, Shape Up Bracob.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

J.Crew, I love you.

 Why is J.Crew style so effortless and fantastic? I mean, don't you always wear pumps with your cut-offs and look this fabulous?

 In all seriousness, I did buy a straw fedora that I am LOVING this summer. It's perfect for frumpy hair days. Can I just say that I ADORE that greeny-gold color on that cardi?

Casual top and jeans, but glam necklace and camel/nude pumps?! Amazing. Why is this so simple?

This dress is good looking. I dont' have anything specific to say about it other than, declare it's loveliness.

I've always wanted a white pantsuit. Always. You can ask my mom. Ever since I saw the movie Sabrina (1995 version with Harrison Ford) when i was 11, I've wanted a white pantsuit like one of Julia Ormond's.

These shoes are hot. Period.

So there's my J.Crew Review. Love the summer looks. Love them.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hand Rendering

So I've decided to brush up on my rendering skills. With images like these for inspiration, how can I not want to dig out my markers from storage?

 (images from A Schematic Life)

 Usually, when I design, I do the floor plan layout first, test out ideas with thumbnail sketches, and then move straight to Sketchup. However, this leaves out any process drawings to show the client along the way. Hand drawing and rendering is such a valuable skill and I have been neglecting it in favor of technology.

I used to render in school (it was required in a lot of classes). We used a grid technique for turning floor plans into perspectives, then laid down color with markers, and showed highlights/shadows with colored pencils... here are some renderings from my student portfolio. (Please be kind, as these are my STUDENT drawings).

This was an advertising agency project.
I got a little crazy with color, but I think it's my favorite.

 This was a condo design above a bakery as a live/work space. 
This semester I was obviously into neutrals and texture.

 This was a rendering class. I love the modern pieces of furniture and the spiral staircase. 
I must have been into Bauhaus that semester.
I know my rendering markers are all in my storage unit since our big 2009 Scamping Adventure. So I'm going to go dig them out and get started. This tutorial from A Schematic Life has inspired me. You should watch it too, even if purely for entertainment. She is incredible! She uses a marker-only approach that I am anxious to try.



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sovereign Design

Check out this amazing condo model, Sovereign, designed by Atlanta designer Lee Kleinhelter (all images courtesy of Lonny mag).

Everything is so textural and neutral, but with strategically placed pops of orange and blue. I love that graphic black and white striped wall the best, I think.

Do you like this style? It communicates calm and casual vibes to me.

I hope you're having a great week!



Friday, July 2, 2010


 I know I'm late, but the Anthropologie May catalog is pure eye candy. Everything Morrocan-inspired. I just love these images.

 LOVE the lens flair. love.

I want those sandals.

I want this dress. Why is it out of my price range? It looks like it would be universally figure-flattering. Every girl needs a dress like that!

Sigh. Aren't they beautiful? Don't you want to visit Morroco now? I do. But only if I can wear a giant straw hat like ms. anthro model.