Thursday, July 15, 2010

J.Crew, I love you.

 Why is J.Crew style so effortless and fantastic? I mean, don't you always wear pumps with your cut-offs and look this fabulous?

 In all seriousness, I did buy a straw fedora that I am LOVING this summer. It's perfect for frumpy hair days. Can I just say that I ADORE that greeny-gold color on that cardi?

Casual top and jeans, but glam necklace and camel/nude pumps?! Amazing. Why is this so simple?

This dress is good looking. I dont' have anything specific to say about it other than, declare it's loveliness.

I've always wanted a white pantsuit. Always. You can ask my mom. Ever since I saw the movie Sabrina (1995 version with Harrison Ford) when i was 11, I've wanted a white pantsuit like one of Julia Ormond's.

These shoes are hot. Period.

So there's my J.Crew Review. Love the summer looks. Love them.

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