Friday, July 2, 2010


 I know I'm late, but the Anthropologie May catalog is pure eye candy. Everything Morrocan-inspired. I just love these images.

 LOVE the lens flair. love.

I want those sandals.

I want this dress. Why is it out of my price range? It looks like it would be universally figure-flattering. Every girl needs a dress like that!

Sigh. Aren't they beautiful? Don't you want to visit Morroco now? I do. But only if I can wear a giant straw hat like ms. anthro model.




  1. Looks like India to me~

  2. I love me some Anthro! I'm not sure how the pins will work on thin hair because mine isn't, but I wore them in my hair while doing water sports (skiing, tubing, kneeboarding) this past weekend and I wiped out a lot. They never came loose. I bet they would work on thin hair. If it's iffy, try teasing it first :)

    Kelly (from bueno)

  3. Kelly, good idea on the teasing! That will definitely help get some texture. Thank for the spin pin review!