Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hand Rendering

So I've decided to brush up on my rendering skills. With images like these for inspiration, how can I not want to dig out my markers from storage?

 (images from A Schematic Life)

 Usually, when I design, I do the floor plan layout first, test out ideas with thumbnail sketches, and then move straight to Sketchup. However, this leaves out any process drawings to show the client along the way. Hand drawing and rendering is such a valuable skill and I have been neglecting it in favor of technology.

I used to render in school (it was required in a lot of classes). We used a grid technique for turning floor plans into perspectives, then laid down color with markers, and showed highlights/shadows with colored pencils... here are some renderings from my student portfolio. (Please be kind, as these are my STUDENT drawings).

This was an advertising agency project.
I got a little crazy with color, but I think it's my favorite.

 This was a condo design above a bakery as a live/work space. 
This semester I was obviously into neutrals and texture.

 This was a rendering class. I love the modern pieces of furniture and the spiral staircase. 
I must have been into Bauhaus that semester.
I know my rendering markers are all in my storage unit since our big 2009 Scamping Adventure. So I'm going to go dig them out and get started. This tutorial from A Schematic Life has inspired me. You should watch it too, even if purely for entertainment. She is incredible! She uses a marker-only approach that I am anxious to try.




  1. I forgot how talented you must pursue this again!

  2. my god, your renderings from class were incredible!! (loving the bauhaus inspired one)

    I'm in my first year of studying interiors and came across your blog while looking for hand rendering. You got skills!

  3. Wow, your renderings are amazing. I... don't even know what to say other than... "totally inspiring" and I wish I had the talent to convey my thoughts like that, so clearly. Great work. Norah

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  6. hi! do you still do renderings for interiors?? Our company is looking for someone to hire...