Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Easing Back In...

It seems my health has been taking a front seat lately. I went on a 60 day raw vegan cleanse to boost my immune system. I've loved it but am deciding to cut it short- I need protein and my body responds most positively to animal protein, ie chicken + eggs. With 2 weeks left to go til completion, I decided to integrate eggs and chicken back into my diet. I just need the energy! 
so looking forward to poached eggs, via.

What I learned through this whole immunity-boosting cleanse is how very very important vitamin supplements and fresh fruits and veggies are to my health! I know that sounds like such an obvious statement, but really that is something I am taking with me.

one of my Green Monster Smoothies + vitamins

Anyway, so easing back into eggs revives my delighted excitement for brunch... (I swear this post has some design relevance!)

Eggs Benedict is my ultimate brunch fave! Pic from Canopy on Montrose.
... And the perfect dining rooms to eat such brunch. 
Behold, a dining room round up:

Barrie Benson in Domino

from Lonny

from Domino

I would LOVE to eat a delicious brunch in any of these dining rooms. And don't even get me started about enjoying a cup of coffee here... 



Monday, October 25, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


iLike is a round up of cool stuff I'm digging in blogland. 

These adorable finger print paper cuts, via.

These precious s&p shakers from Anthro.

This super architectural, open-box structured, hair salon, via.

These friggin' cute lunch pails, via.

This fantastic desk, via.

This awesome wooden wall application, via.

These creative mood boards from Coco + Kelly, via.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Viva Terra

The new Viva Terra's catalog has me DROOLING! I adore these ikat dishes. Even just adding a setting of salad plates to liven up a place setting of classic white dishes would be fun! I've been slow to jump on the ikat band wagon (or anything too trendy, read: harem pants or antlers), but now I'm in love. This indigo color is perfection. 
Anyway! Allow me to stroll through my new Viva Terra faves and gush:

I've never been one to really love silverware. I mean, I require a nice hand and weight to my forks and knives, but I've always been one for simplicity. However, these twig handled utensils are just ringing my bell! I especially love them with the ikat dishes! So bohemian and downright adorable!

This chest feels like it should store architectural draftings and blue prints. I love the worn wood and the pretty pulls. It makes me think of one of my BFF's current obsession with anything having lots of cute little drawers (think vintage card catalogs).

Such a cute nubby fall/winter rug! This would add tons of texture and personality to any space.

An eco-chic Barcelona knock-off? Yes, please! I'm in love! For full impact, you definitely need to buy a pair.

 I don't even have much to say about this coffee table except yummy yummy yummy. Love aged wood and metal together!
Need a shot of character into your entry way? Get yourself one of these.

These metal chairs feel like the DWR Marais cafe chair. Love them with an old wooden table, as pictured.

Not for the faint of heart, but amazing- these crazy upholstered chairs. 

Oh... my bar cart obsession could be cured if only I had this incredible bar armoire! So perfect! And not a bad price!

Moroccan lamps. I love these for a cozy reading corner.

Graphic but vintage feeling bedding.

Coffee table rivals the one above as the coffee table of my dreams.

Killim cube pouf- a pair of these adds a touch of ethnic interest.
Drool, drool, drool. Why can't I have all of these lovely things?



Wednesday, October 6, 2010


image from House Beautiful

  • This teal/turquoise accent wall post that reminds me of my old turquoise accent wall, via.
  • This great hair tutorial, by my hairstylist friend Brandi, via.
  • These hand-written looking notes in a tech- savvy time, via.
  • This recipe for pumpkin vegan overnight oats, my new favorite breakfast, via.
  • This totally inspirational landscape design (I want!), via.
  • These fabulous curtains in the Room for Color contest, via.

 What's on your iLike radar these days? I'm all ears!



Houston Hot Houses

 Um, I'm going to this. Anyone else?

Here are a few of the homes that will be shown:



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I like to ride my bicycle....

We had our bikes stolen earlier this summer (grrr) and are now sporting some old ones borrowed from my family (my old bike and my younger brother's bike that he never rides).

OK, so this Electra Amsterdam is not mine, but look how happy I am on it!

These "new" bikes are in serious need of some TLC. Besides that, we are in serious need of some interior space to store them- not making the mistake of chaining them inside our carport again!

This magical contraption looks like just the ticket. It's called the Bike Shelf.

Such a chic solution, no? Unfortunately, $300 a piece isn't in my budget right now, le sigh.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Run-by Mod

If you run the Rice University loop, you have more than likely seen this incredible house. I can't believe I missed the open house tour in March by Rice Design Alliance. But every time I run out there, I slow my pace (even more than normal) to cast a longing gaze at this modern beauty. I've always wondered about the people who live there.

 I LOVE this back courtyard.

 I also adore this kitchen. Look at that island!

Master bedroom is a little sparse for my taste. I'd add some some mid-century upholstered pieces.
But the view of the other Rice homes is so lovely.

  Glorious master bath. Yum.

 Of course I love the tub.

Every time I run Rice, I see this house with this giraffe in the front second story window. It's neat to see the inside of this child's room and get full view of that little giraffe buddy. :)

All pictures found here.

Home was designed by Strasser Ragni Architecture.

When can I move in?