Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I like to ride my bicycle....

We had our bikes stolen earlier this summer (grrr) and are now sporting some old ones borrowed from my family (my old bike and my younger brother's bike that he never rides).

OK, so this Electra Amsterdam is not mine, but look how happy I am on it!

These "new" bikes are in serious need of some TLC. Besides that, we are in serious need of some interior space to store them- not making the mistake of chaining them inside our carport again!

This magical contraption looks like just the ticket. It's called the Bike Shelf.

Such a chic solution, no? Unfortunately, $300 a piece isn't in my budget right now, le sigh.



  1. Do you have any handy friends that could make you one? This looks like a great idea. Our bikes are chained in the garage too...hmmmm...

    ~ Clare x

  2. yeah, surely you know SOMEone who can make this. looks like a fun solution especially with such a cute bike.