Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Easing Back In...

It seems my health has been taking a front seat lately. I went on a 60 day raw vegan cleanse to boost my immune system. I've loved it but am deciding to cut it short- I need protein and my body responds most positively to animal protein, ie chicken + eggs. With 2 weeks left to go til completion, I decided to integrate eggs and chicken back into my diet. I just need the energy! 
so looking forward to poached eggs, via.

What I learned through this whole immunity-boosting cleanse is how very very important vitamin supplements and fresh fruits and veggies are to my health! I know that sounds like such an obvious statement, but really that is something I am taking with me.

one of my Green Monster Smoothies + vitamins

Anyway, so easing back into eggs revives my delighted excitement for brunch... (I swear this post has some design relevance!)

Eggs Benedict is my ultimate brunch fave! Pic from Canopy on Montrose.
... And the perfect dining rooms to eat such brunch. 
Behold, a dining room round up:

Barrie Benson in Domino

from Lonny

from Domino

I would LOVE to eat a delicious brunch in any of these dining rooms. And don't even get me started about enjoying a cup of coffee here... 




  1. poached eggs are my favorite! I eat eggs daily, at least 2 or 3 eggs.
    I seriously don't know how people get by not eating them, then are so good and are the perfect little protein packages on this planet

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  3. Mmmmm I looove eggs benedict!

    ~ Clare x