Thursday, November 11, 2010

I love weekends

Fall weekends are the best. Here are some of my recent highlights:

Pumpkin Pasta
Had a pumpkin pasta making party with one of our favorite couples, see recipe here. (Note, they did not turn out as pretty as this picture, but were definitely delicious). The night was full of fun, food, wine, and a hilarious game of Rock Band.
image source.

Coffee and Cartoons
Late chilly Saturday mornings spent in bed with coffee and cartoons and my man. We cuddle and giggle over how hilarious cartoons really are now that we're adults. I so want my future kids to see these.

Neighborhood Walks
We like to walk and talk and often find ourselves wandering into different cool spots in town. This weekend, we strayed into an art gallery. Hello, 80's art!

Football Sunday's at the in-law's
If you know me, you know I absolutely detest football. I hate everything about it. However, my husband loves to watch it with his dad- man bonding, I guess. So we will go over there- the men watch it and the girls do way more fun things... like bake nutmeg cookies! This recipe is amazing! It's basically a pound of butter with a little sugar and flour and nutmeg and then lots of icing. Yum. I cannot control myself.

 Drool at Architecture
We spotted this gem on a walk the other day. So good looking.

Nights at Discovery Green
We gather with friends to picnic- we enjoy wine and company. This time, they showed Fantastic Mr. Fox. 

Cheap Argentinian wine
our new fave: malbec-cab

Cuddling other peoples' dogs
This is Eamsie. She's a Boston Terrier. She belongs to some of our friends. We love her. Even Taylor does. And that's a lot coming from my non pet-loving man.

Hope your weekends have been lovely too.



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  1. oh my gosh i can't believe i missed fantatic mr fox at discovery green! & yum yum recipes, i wanna try.