Thursday, November 18, 2010

Seeing Redd

Guess who I saw today?

"Miles Redd began his career as a set designer and his sometimes startling and always glamorous, playful mix of lacquered walls, leather-covered doors, painted floors and mix of high and low art has nailed him as a superstar. From Atlanta, he began work after graduation with NY antiquarian John Rosselli, then was hired by Bunny Williams. His mantra: “The best collaboration is a meeting of the mind and a shared sense of humor.” He is also Creative Director of Oscar de la Renta Home and is launching the Oscar de la Renta Home fabric collection through Lee Jofa."

He was so fabulous. His sunny Southern charm was so endearing. He gave a presentation on fashion and it's influence in interiors. I got to sit on the front row in a group of probably 70 at the Lee Jofa showroom to hear his presentation. I could gush over him all day- he was so darling.

My favorite story he told was how this image of Linda Evangelista from 1992 captured his heart. He loved how she effortlessly flew through the city.

So when the time came for a portrait (I think it was when he was featured in Australian Vogue...), he chose to have this photo taken:

Isn't he just so cute? That mirrored background is his bathroom in his apartment. He had it done in floor to ceiling antique mirrors- so fabulous! He said it's the biggest room in his NY apartment.

Apparently, his recent project in Houston was featured in Veranda magazine this month. Here are the images I found online:

 This image is so similar to the one of his own mirrored bathroom.

When asked what his favorite color is, he said powder blue and declared that every room should have a touch of powder blue, even a small blue box of some sort.

Jokingly, he said he loved lacquered walls so much because he can see his own reflection in them. But really, he professed his love of shiny surface as a means of adding that elusive light quality that he adores so much in old fashion photography.

 When asked if there was a color he didn't like, he said no. He said he likes all colors and all color combinations- one must just make sure the proportions of color are right.

 He is also a fan of little pieces of luxury, like small objets and statues.

 He also likes brown wood, as it can ground a room with lots of color in it.

In summary- I LOVE Miles Redd. He is so charming as a person, talented as a designer, and chic as a connoisseur of art and style. I can't wait til he comes out with his own book!




  1. Hi Stephanie
    It was a great event! Who knew we had Miles Redd working in our own town?

  2. Yes I loved seeing him in person! He was so lovable!