Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I do have more photos from San Miguel to show you, but it seems I've caught some Mexican flu or something. So today is a rambling of semi-coherent medicine-induced thoughts...

-Why am I always sick?

-Can people get bed sores from laying in bed too long or is that just a Middle Ages thing?

-I want to make a delicious tagine- that sounds WAY better than chicken broth

-Blog reading is a great way to distract myself while feeling bored in bed: Lil Bee, Le Seur Interiors,
Chapman Interiors, all good reads.

-I want to resurrect my book club with my sweet friend Abby. To Kill a Mockingbird (don't judge me- I've never read it). Here is another inspirational places for book titles, I may use.

-I should paint my bathroom- it really needs it. Maybe that'll be my next project. That and cleaning.

-I can't get that crazy ethereal White Hinterland song Icarus out of my head (from the Project Runway finale)- finally googled it. So now I'm listening to it on repeat. Haunting. In a good way.

-I think I need some good galoshes... black ones with knee socks.

-I also think I need ankle booties, maybe grey ones.

frugal fashionista
- I just need to shop for some basics. Look how chic Elle looks in basics.  Jeggings, a good bootie, fresh tops, clean but cute.

- Speaking of clean but cute, I should wash and actually fix my hair. I tend to become a slob when I'm sick. How about this?

- And then maybe I could cuddle up in a spot like this? Surely, I'd be feeling better in no time....

- That gilded mirror, chrome table, lucite lamps, knarled stump table, and cuddly fur throw are such an amazing mix of materials. Texture = interest, in my opinion.

Didn't I just ramble? Yes, yes, I did. I promise I do have interesting post topics to blog about- San Miguel, meeting Jonathan Adler, Christmas wishlist, something cute I got in the mail, and color inspirations.... maybe tomorrow will be a better day. :)



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  1. 1) I love her hair.
    2) I'm sorry you're sick. :(
    3) I love that room.
    4) You should blog about meeting Martha too!
    5) Yes, bed sores (pressure ulcers) still exist. :) My company has a whole business unit devoted to the design, manufacture and sale of surfaces (beds) to prevent and heal pressure ulcers. Christopher Reeve (Superman) died from a pressure ulcer. They're bad when they get infected. But I don't think you're at risk. ;)
    6) Read To Kill a Mockingbird, then read Mockingbird: A Portrait of Harper Lee. Great biography.