Monday, November 22, 2010

Hola from San Miguel

In the Mercado, doing some shopping.

 This was right after we met Martha Stewart (her majesty)! My friend Katie and I had seen on Twitter that she was in San Miguel, and that she would be in the Mercado the day we had planned to go. And who should we see right as we walk in, but the great Martha Stewart! We were giddy and Katie bravely ran over to her (and I followed) to invite her to a cocktail party. She was so lovely. I have loved her since I was a middle schooler and watched her show daily. So fun to see her in person! I so wish we'd gotten a picture!!!

From the Casa we are staying- Our rooftop view! It's incredible at night!

View of the 3 story courtyard- from the rooftop looking down

Husbands watching football (ugh).

My pewter turtle souveneir. In all seriousness, I bought him to be a pretty holder for the copious amounts of vitamins I take each day (I know, I'm a nerd). Katie suggested I name him Victor Vitalidad.

These are just some scenic photos.

I plan to check out some really cool design sources tomorrow, so hopefully I will get a post together on that!

Abrazos! Adios!

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  1. Sounds like you had a really great trip!

    San Miguel de Allende is a truly magnificent location, and is becoming a locale of choice for American and Canadian expats. There is a highly developed infrastructure that supports a very large and sophisticated English speaking community here. Culture abounds, and there is extremely active social calendar. One never gets bored in San Miguel! There are easily forty or more art galleries in town. The climate is among the best, with warm, dry temperatures year round. Real estate here is among the most beautiful in the world, and your dollar can buy you so much more house than in North America.