Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A day in the life...

Thought I'd post some pics of what a good day in the life of a residential interiors person looks like. Just in case you think I'm an errand girl, cad monkey, or glam diva shopping, here's what my iphone photos prove I do:

-Throw down a green juice for breakfast.
-Scurry to the office to pick up a list of to-do's from the boss-lady.
-Today, I meet some faux-finisher an electrician to work on a dining room (chandelier!).
- Write one zillion requests for proposals, client estimates and invoiced, approvals/payments for materials, draw room layouts (see crazy face)
- Chomp a green Smoothie for lunch.
- Run to the design center to find pretty pink trim for a tween girl's room.
- Shop for wallpaper for another little girl's room, but get distracted with this little David Hick's number...
- Drop samples back to the office and make a dash for a workout class at the Y before dinner.

Yea folks, that is my glamorous life. :)

Mcm house in Cali

Cali gets all the good mid century modern stuff, don't you agree?

Check out this Ranch style renovation from House Beautiful.

I love the openness of it all. All those picture windows make the home feel bigger than it really is and adds that element of nature.

The kitchen looks like it would be a dream to cook and congregate in. That cabinet in the dining area and genius.

And the overall colorscheme feels updated. I quite like it. (although I feel the color scheme is a bit too matchy for my taste- I'd throw in some punches of unexpected color).

What do you think?

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Sleepy Sunday in Green

daily breakfast green juice
Today was rainy and overcast- so nice for a change!
We helped throw a brunch for some friends, then came home to relax before church. 
I made some fresh juice-  spinach, celery, cucumber, grapefruit.

little green house next door
We napped while it rained.

green hobby
I worked on a crochet project and had some mint tarragon tea in my special tea cup (thanks, KIM!)

 It was while noticing all this green, that I realized even my shirt and the accent wall behind me were green. I was going to title this post "it's so easy being green." Too much? Nah.



Sunday, September 25, 2011

Friends are great

 Really enjoying this latest season of friends. Such a blessing. 

Here we are hanging out at the Green, listening to some good live music (There were many more people here, the photo happened at the end of the night.). Downtown Houston is pretty cool. We are really happy here, this second time around. After that year of wanderlusting, we were sure we'd find a cooler place to live, but family and work brought us back. People make the place, don't they? And these are some pretty great peeps.

 More great peoples at Girl Breaky- the best way to start a day. We meet up before work, get morning quinoa porridge (SO freaking yum!) and some java (see below... how can I resist a cheat here and there?), listen to French music. we chatter, we giggle, we talk about plans for the day. It's lovely. So very lovely.

soy latte, so delicious.

Aren't people great? :)



Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hello Teecino

My friends and family know of my long lived addiction to coffee. I mean, I love it in any form and  have sipped it ritually every morning since I was 14. We even had Starbucks cater our wedding 4 years ago (it. was. awesome.)!

enjoying my java
So when T and I decided to embark on an alkalizing health journey after reading The pH Miracle, I knew my cherished acidic beverage habit may be in danger. If you want to read about the benefits of an alkalizing diet, I recommend this article.... or go ahead and dig into the pH Miracle or Crazy Sexy Diet

Also, as a final push into veganism, we watched Forks Over Knives (a movie explaining the findings of that giant book that every vegan talks about called The China Study... we smarties over here like to watch our books if there's an option. lazy). So we are committed to reclaiming our health through a vegan, alkaline diet which means green alkaline plant-based foods! Hooray!

Anyways, so check out this chart:


Coffee... you're a -25 in the acid range? 
*sniff sniff*
I'm not convinced about giving coffee up forever (I love it so!), but at least while we are working on kick-starting our alkaline lifestyle, it doesn't make sense to keep drinking my fave acidic bev. 

Here's where Teecino comes in:

Y'alls... this one is good. My baby took me to Whole Foods yesterday to grab this stuff (10 bucks a pound, which isn't much different from coffee), so I could try it this morning. I bought the loose grounds so I could make it in my French press... and it's good! I guess the most delicious part is the smell. This stuff smells like sweet chocolate candy with a coffee edge. Sign me up!

I'm sipping the stuff as we speak. While it's not exactly like coffee, it tastes good enough to act as a stand-in for the time being. 

This little coffee addict might just be ok....