Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hello Teecino

My friends and family know of my long lived addiction to coffee. I mean, I love it in any form and  have sipped it ritually every morning since I was 14. We even had Starbucks cater our wedding 4 years ago (it. was. awesome.)!

enjoying my java
So when T and I decided to embark on an alkalizing health journey after reading The pH Miracle, I knew my cherished acidic beverage habit may be in danger. If you want to read about the benefits of an alkalizing diet, I recommend this article.... or go ahead and dig into the pH Miracle or Crazy Sexy Diet

Also, as a final push into veganism, we watched Forks Over Knives (a movie explaining the findings of that giant book that every vegan talks about called The China Study... we smarties over here like to watch our books if there's an option. lazy). So we are committed to reclaiming our health through a vegan, alkaline diet which means green alkaline plant-based foods! Hooray!

Anyways, so check out this chart:


Coffee... you're a -25 in the acid range? 
*sniff sniff*
I'm not convinced about giving coffee up forever (I love it so!), but at least while we are working on kick-starting our alkaline lifestyle, it doesn't make sense to keep drinking my fave acidic bev. 

Here's where Teecino comes in:

Y'alls... this one is good. My baby took me to Whole Foods yesterday to grab this stuff (10 bucks a pound, which isn't much different from coffee), so I could try it this morning. I bought the loose grounds so I could make it in my French press... and it's good! I guess the most delicious part is the smell. This stuff smells like sweet chocolate candy with a coffee edge. Sign me up!

I'm sipping the stuff as we speak. While it's not exactly like coffee, it tastes good enough to act as a stand-in for the time being. 

This little coffee addict might just be ok....


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