Sunday, September 25, 2011

Friends are great

 Really enjoying this latest season of friends. Such a blessing. 

Here we are hanging out at the Green, listening to some good live music (There were many more people here, the photo happened at the end of the night.). Downtown Houston is pretty cool. We are really happy here, this second time around. After that year of wanderlusting, we were sure we'd find a cooler place to live, but family and work brought us back. People make the place, don't they? And these are some pretty great peeps.

 More great peoples at Girl Breaky- the best way to start a day. We meet up before work, get morning quinoa porridge (SO freaking yum!) and some java (see below... how can I resist a cheat here and there?), listen to French music. we chatter, we giggle, we talk about plans for the day. It's lovely. So very lovely.

soy latte, so delicious.

Aren't people great? :)



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