Thursday, August 25, 2011

Welcome to ... Fall

I HATE the smell of burnt popcorn.


Like, worst smell ever.

And right now, my apartment is FILLED with the stench because I tried making my own *from scratch* (ie, in oil over the stove) to be healthier. UGH!

I've really been trying to be healthy (recipes I've been hoarding on Pinterest). Why is that always a struggle? Why is eating junk SO much easier?


Enough griping. Life is beautiful. Life is full! My summer has been wonderful! Here's what I did all summer:

-Spent a ton of time with friends and family, here, there, and everywhere

- Joined a new church that I am gaga over!

- Joined the YMCA and am loving BodyPump.

- Vacationed in Puerto Vallarta with my darling for a cousin's wedding- FANTASTIC. (
We lived in that pool.)

- Remembered the existence of libraries and have been/am reading a zillion books- mostly on gardening, herbal remedies, raw/vegan lifestyles, and natural childbirth (HEY, I'm just going my research!)

- Bought a water ionizer (they are CRAZY good for you- hello, alkalinity!)

- Worked on decorating a LOT of people's homes with my design job- rich people are crazy, yo.

- Had my 4 year anniversary with my INCREDIBLE husband! I am so googely-eyed for him.

- Watched the entire collection of seasons of Scrubs with my guy.

- Suffered from a summer over 100 degrees for a million consecutive days in a row (too hot to even swim).

- Tried giving up coffee.... and failed. I love the fricking stuff too much.

Those are my highlights..... onward to fall!