Friday, February 10, 2012


Oh... Valentine's Day....

Another holiday to get hyped about.

I love my husband a lot, but we don't really need another day to celebrate. Our big romantic holiday is our anniversary. And we always do nice things for eachother on birthdays. So we're kind of not that into Valentine's Day (although, our first Valentine's Day, he did teach me to shoot a glock, but that's another story).

Oh look! A tangent!

Anyway... the point of my post is to talk about what I LIKE about Valentine's Day. And that is the candy- both eye candy and real chocolate candy. Here's the eye candy:

Tyler Dawson, via

Miles Redd
(this room always makes me think Valentine's Day. Oh yeah, remember when I met Miles? Yeah, just reminding you.... hope that makes me cooler.)



j Crew

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Now time for some chocolate candy.... :)