Sunday, February 28, 2010

Let's Get Horizontal

 I'm so bad. 
I can never remember where I snag photos from. I read blogs and website and save pictures to my ENORMOUSLY FULL "Inspiration File" and think to myself, "I'll label those later."
Of course, I don't. And then I forget the source.....

Anyway, I LOVE this idea. Horizontal wood planks (a la Dwell home exteriors) are so modern feeling, with an industrial honesty-of-materials taste. This would be such a great project!
Are you a long-term renter who needs architectural interest, but not the wall-moving/renovating kind of interest? I think this could be really really cool! Doesn't Urban Outfitters have this kind of feature in their stores? 
Well I love it. Do you?


Friday, February 26, 2010

DIY Round Up!

 There are so many great DIY tutorials out there in blogland! And so many I'm just chomping at the bit to try one or all of these!!! Here are my top 3 faves right now:

how to make your very own "sheepskin" rugs 
(From YoungHouseLove)

make a string lamp
(from DollarStoreCrafts)

make an Anthropologie inspired side table 
(From none other than Design*Sponge)

cinder block planter
(Apartment Therapy)

If you try any of these, send me your photos and I'll blog them!!! :)


Thursday, February 25, 2010

iLike: Clawfoot Bathtubs

Sigh. I love clawfoot bathtubs.... AND hexagon tiles, subway tiles, and printed floral tile
image via

You can recreate this look by purchasing this bathtub, for a pretty penny (but it's French and made of cast iron! And just look at those legs!). Get yourself some subway tile for the wall, hex tile for the flooring and some pretty green wallpaper like this:

Add some fluffy white towels and voila! You have a fabulous luxe vintage bathroom!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Outfit2Room, edition 2

This outfit is from Toast, a clothing and home furnishing company in the UK. I love the photography in their clothing catalogs and especially love the bright colors they're featuring this winter so much so that I've created an Outfit2Room post. As you may know, I'm still in my current love-affair with the color yellow-green.

(click photo to enlarge)

Nigella 95" Sofa, from Room and Board (hurry, it's on clearance for $1250!)
Flor straight and narrow carpet tile rug, available also from CB2, $12 sq. ft.
Element Coffee Table, from CB2, $350
Twisty Stool, VivaTerra, $165
Roadster Dark Brown Leather Chair,, $225
Red Suzani Pillows, from VivaTerra, $35 ea

So, what do you think?


Etsy Find: Post's Tattoo Socks

I feel the same about tattoos as I always do- I say I want one, but shudder at the permanency of it all. These tights and socks are the perfect remedy for my non-committal desire for a tattoo (The peacock ones are my favorite).



Post is made up of Gabby and Tal, a pair haling from Tel Aviv. Gabby is the designer/illustrator responsible for all the decal work and and Tal is a jewelry maker. You can buy their goods here.

How badly do you want a pair of these cute tights!?


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Craigslist Hunt

I have nowhere to put this stuff, so I'm sharing these with you. Hope you enjoy!

Modern Coffee Table in LA
Awesome Orange Couch in LA
Zebra Ottoman in LA


Inspiration House: Triplex Apartment

I stumbled across these incredible photos this morning while having my coffee and couldn't resist sharing them with you! This is the kind of space I would have designed in design school. I love really modern architecture and sparse interiors.... but it's not really my pick for a space I would personally live in- I'm way to messy and always have some project overtaking the space. I guess I need a huge office/lab to confine my projects.

This triplex apartment was renovated by it's owner/architect. It was an office building and transformed into a living space.

This is the front of the building exterior (center). The architect added another floor and the rooftop terrace.

The front entrance.
What a texture buffet- the flooring, the concrete, the brick!

The minimalist living room.
That sofa looks like one from Ligne Roset. And I love the Noguchi coffee table paired with those gorgeous wooden chairs. Anyone know where I could find those chairs?

Hello, Bertoia chairs, hiding in the corner. )

I love that the architect created a central box to house the bathroom and closet.

View from the Bathroom.
You can see the stairs and living room in the mirror's reflection. There's a library/small office space adjacent to the bedroom on the left.

Stairs and closet contained in box.
This is near the front entrance pictured at the beginning of the post. I think there are sliding white panels to cover the bathroom, when the closet is open...

Library/Small office
Who can resist mod bookshelves?

The Kitchen
Notice all the built-in cabinets that are barely there.  I stayed at a flat in Paris that had every square inch of wall space covered in these flush white cabinets- TONS of storage and easy on the eyes! The concret counter is incredible too. Notice the classic white saarinen table and chairs under a chrome pendant overlooking the huge windows.
Super cool Rooftop Terrace.

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy for today! Time to get the day started!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Inspiration

I love this teal bathroom from Canadian House and Home. I love white washed woodwork: the bead board, the chair rail, and crown molding. And GAH I love that hardware! And you know I dig that sink reservoir and the clawfoot bathtub. 
I like Red Lipstick. I bought my first tube EVER for Valentine's Day! I'm trying it out slowly. I've found that a swipe of red and then blotting so it's more of a stain is more my look.  Oh and clear gloss on top. Still getting my husband used to this look. Do you guys like red lips?

Click here to make you feel good: Ondine Karady's portfolio. Y'all remember her from Top Design 2008, right? Her work is REALLY good! I didn't realize it, but her background is in set design. She did lots of fabulous sets for Sex and the City, including Alexander Petrovsky's chic NY apartment.

I went to a Dallas nursery last weekend with one of my best friends and I cannot get the ranunculus out of my head. They weren't as open or gorgeous as these in this picture, but I loved them none-the-less. I want a garden! Now!

Happy Monday!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Black and White and Old

 I love this room. The black cabinets are gorgeous, especially as the back drop to the worn leather seating, metal legged tables, and unexpected Persian rug. I also adore the stacks of books across the entire window sill/bump out. The hodge-podge collection of chairs is charming too.



Friday, February 19, 2010

DIY ReadyMade Rustic Bench

Who doesn't read Ready Made? SUCH a good read! I love this month's feature about Screech Owl Design and I especially love their instructions for their REALLY good-looking rustic bench!

This married couple is bursting with artistic talent and are no strangers to the design blogosphere or shelter mags. They've been featured in Design*Sponge as well as O magazine, Cookie, and Better Homes and Gardens. Read their article in Ready Made. Their home and art studio is such an amazing space! See photos of their home here.

OK, on to the DIY, reposted from Ready Made:
Get the goods:
    • Old floor joist (free or a few bucks at salvage shops)
    • 4 hairpin legs ($14–$30 each,
    • Clear paste wax
    • #8 1.5-inch wood screws
Follow the instructions:
    1. Sand the joist, but not so much that it turns into something from The Home Depot. You want to preserve the rough-hewn vibe.
    2. Use clear paste wax (such as Butcher’s Bowling Alley Wax) on the joist and rub it until you get a little bit of a gloss.
    3. Attach the legs; if your joist is straight, just screw them on and stand upright.
    4. If your joist is warped, add material under the base of the legs as you screw them on, such as a shim, a little piece of Masonite, or ¼-inch plywood.
I need to find a local salvage shop soon! I LOVE the look of this bench! I really want to make one!


Had a great time thrifting in North Houston this weekend. Found some great little finds. Most could use refinishing/reupholstering, but nothing I wouldn't be up for!

I took this little greeny-gold guy home! Isn't it cute?!?! Vinyl needs cleaning and the wooden leg needs some work.

Valentine Cookie (it's never too late)

~ Stephanie
(posted from my iPhone)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Space for Study

I've been doing a lot of reading lately and need a comfortable and accommodating corner to do so. This includes a comfy reading chair, side table for coffee and pens (I'm an under-line/highlighter freak!), and plenty of light! What do you think of these combinations?

(Click photo to enlarge)

Patterned Funky- chair from, tables from Target, lamp from Target
Old World Chic- chair from Pottery Barn, table from GrandinRoad, lamp from Target
Park Avenue Park- chair from Room and Board, table from Target, lamp from ZGallerie
French Industrial- chaise from Wisteria, table from Target, lamp from Target


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

REALLY?! really?

This is ridiculous, people. Seriously ridiculous. 



This makes me think of all the times when my husband and I spent the year in our 1977 renovated Scamp trailer and I was always DYING for s'mores around our campfire. I searched high and low for organic or at least kind of naturally made marshmallows and found none. And for this reason, I made no s'mores.

Am I wrong? Does anyone this this is a good idea? Seriously? If someone out there has one of these, dish and tell me how much you love it. Otherwise, I just don't get this. Seriously. Thoughts, anyone?


You're SO Naive!

Just added this to my Amazon cue:

I have always LOVED illustrations and graphics from the '60's! This book is about the graphic design from the '40's to the '60's. The Amazon review describes the style that graphic designers are rediscovering as "stylistic" and reminiscent of "silkscreen, classic typography, hand lettering, woodcutting and folk art."

New designers are integrating styles from Saul Bass (famous for his film titles and logo design), Charley Haper (modernist graphic artist), and the fabulously talented Alexander Girard (textile designer who worked with the Eames' and George Nelsen). This "new" graphic style enlists the use of "earth and pastel shades, reduced strokes, patterns and shapes with a strong folkloristic element."


 Doesn't this remind you of Sasek childrens' books? I'd love to tear out some pages and frame them for dining room art, or kid's room art, or any wall that needs some funky graphic illustrations!  I just adore this style! And I'm very excited to see how modern graphic artists and designers are taking inspiration from that beloved older style!