Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Inspiration House: Triplex Apartment

I stumbled across these incredible photos this morning while having my coffee and couldn't resist sharing them with you! This is the kind of space I would have designed in design school. I love really modern architecture and sparse interiors.... but it's not really my pick for a space I would personally live in- I'm way to messy and always have some project overtaking the space. I guess I need a huge office/lab to confine my projects.

This triplex apartment was renovated by it's owner/architect. It was an office building and transformed into a living space.

This is the front of the building exterior (center). The architect added another floor and the rooftop terrace.

The front entrance.
What a texture buffet- the flooring, the concrete, the brick!

The minimalist living room.
That sofa looks like one from Ligne Roset. And I love the Noguchi coffee table paired with those gorgeous wooden chairs. Anyone know where I could find those chairs?

Hello, Bertoia chairs, hiding in the corner. )

I love that the architect created a central box to house the bathroom and closet.

View from the Bathroom.
You can see the stairs and living room in the mirror's reflection. There's a library/small office space adjacent to the bedroom on the left.

Stairs and closet contained in box.
This is near the front entrance pictured at the beginning of the post. I think there are sliding white panels to cover the bathroom, when the closet is open...

Library/Small office
Who can resist mod bookshelves?

The Kitchen
Notice all the built-in cabinets that are barely there.  I stayed at a flat in Paris that had every square inch of wall space covered in these flush white cabinets- TONS of storage and easy on the eyes! The concret counter is incredible too. Notice the classic white saarinen table and chairs under a chrome pendant overlooking the huge windows.
Super cool Rooftop Terrace.

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy for today! Time to get the day started!



  1. Hey Steph awesome new blog! My gf and I loved your old wanderlusters blog and it actually inspired us to want to do the same. We would love it if we could contact you all every once in a while to try to get advice on things you did and how to plan for such a great trip! If you are interested you can email me at jrworksts@gmail.com. Thanks!

  2. what a beautiful home! love that flooring in the entry with the brick on the wall! love the textural feel and warmth of the flooring!

  3. Wait... he renovated that BY HIMSELF? It looks terrific - like something that's cut from a home magazine or something. Definitely perfect for a lot of get-togethers or, in your case, for stashing art pieces.