Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Monday Inspiration

So what? I'm posting this on Tuesday!

I really need to get a haircut/hair color. I mean bad. I just had my 25th birthday and spotted a brand new patch of greys.
yes. truth. new greys....
Really like this photo of an old school barber shop. Do they make those anymore?

I know Valentine's Day is coming up soon, but me and my man just aren't super into the mushy-gushiness of it all. We're kind of crowd-avoiders so we've been known to celebrate by buying chocolate and port wine and spending an evening in. I'm never opposed to gifts- for any occasion- and I think these mugs are the cutest for a non-gushy Valentine's Day gift.
You can buy them here.

I want to take a long hot bubble bath in this chic bathroom. The bathtub is centered as the focal point, as it should be. The best part is the frosted glass doors that slide to separate the bathroom from the bedroom. The only thing I would add is a fantastic yet rustic chandelier.

I'm in the mood for driving around in a cute moped. We keep thinking about getting one for our second mode of transportation and the recent lovely weather is making it seem like the perfect idea. It's been chilly and windy and sunny which makes me want to go fast and feel the wind in my hair! This picture reminds me a little of our vacation in San Miguel de Allende. We drove four-wheelers around all over the place (not as glam, I know, but so fun!). It's completely the norm there. You drive your four wheeler down the cobble stone streets to the market, zooming past the lovely architecture and friendly people. Can't wait to post about that trip.

Sigh. So, that's your dose of Inspiration. Take some with a large glass of water (or pinot noir, whatever suits your fancy) and call me in the morning. The week is underway! :)


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