Wednesday, February 17, 2010

REALLY?! really?

This is ridiculous, people. Seriously ridiculous. 



This makes me think of all the times when my husband and I spent the year in our 1977 renovated Scamp trailer and I was always DYING for s'mores around our campfire. I searched high and low for organic or at least kind of naturally made marshmallows and found none. And for this reason, I made no s'mores.

Am I wrong? Does anyone this this is a good idea? Seriously? If someone out there has one of these, dish and tell me how much you love it. Otherwise, I just don't get this. Seriously. Thoughts, anyone?



  1. I dunno about organic marshmallows... but I just make smores in the microwave when I want them. You don't need a fancy little plastic dome. I have to use less chocolate though because if you use half a bar it gets too melty.

  2. RIGHT!? Who needs a fancy gadget?

  3. you can MAKE marshmallows yourself apparently. saw it on martha once randomly. then maybe some organic dark chocolate and try to find some organic graham crackers?