Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Etsy Find: Post's Tattoo Socks

I feel the same about tattoos as I always do- I say I want one, but shudder at the permanency of it all. These tights and socks are the perfect remedy for my non-committal desire for a tattoo (The peacock ones are my favorite).



Post is made up of Gabby and Tal, a pair haling from Tel Aviv. Gabby is the designer/illustrator responsible for all the decal work and and Tal is a jewelry maker. You can buy their goods here.

How badly do you want a pair of these cute tights!?



  1. Those are so friggin' rad! I want the feather tights! And the Mary Jane t-strap shoes.

  2. genius! i love it. i think i'm going to need some.