Thursday, February 25, 2010

iLike: Clawfoot Bathtubs

Sigh. I love clawfoot bathtubs.... AND hexagon tiles, subway tiles, and printed floral tile
image via

You can recreate this look by purchasing this bathtub, for a pretty penny (but it's French and made of cast iron! And just look at those legs!). Get yourself some subway tile for the wall, hex tile for the flooring and some pretty green wallpaper like this:

Add some fluffy white towels and voila! You have a fabulous luxe vintage bathroom!



  1. Great pictures! Claw foot bathtubs are the ideal choice if you're looking for that vintage look & feel. You have pulled off a wonderful job here. I really like the black outside and the white inside of the tub! Found another great article about claw foot bathtubs that was very interesting. Enjoy!

    - Brett

  2. Thank you for these great pictures! I found some more on this website: