Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Little Black Room

Sherwin Williams is predicting that matte black is the new interiors color trend for 2010 and I concur. Just like black is a staple color in my wardrobe, I think it should be a staple accent color for interiors. It's moody and dramatic but classic and crisp. This article recommends that a black wall be trimmed with light baseboards and molding to balance the dark wall. Be careful to also use bright, light-reflecting decor to keep a matte black wall dreamy and dramatic instead of heavy and overwhelming.

The Stir article recommends adding "some interest to the room with glossy lamps or fixtures; high-shine hardwood or tile flooring; or a thick, textured rug. Consider repetitive, angular patterns and "nubby" or ribbed textures on furniture or accent pieces. Choose either a creamy or stark white to round out the simple color palette, and then finish it off with just a few bright colors that draw the eye without overpowering."

unknown source

What do you think? I absolutely love matte black! I think a bedroom accent wall would be my perfect place for black.


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  1. I love the black wall. I also love the chevron print rug in the last picture.