Friday, February 19, 2010

DIY ReadyMade Rustic Bench

Who doesn't read Ready Made? SUCH a good read! I love this month's feature about Screech Owl Design and I especially love their instructions for their REALLY good-looking rustic bench!

This married couple is bursting with artistic talent and are no strangers to the design blogosphere or shelter mags. They've been featured in Design*Sponge as well as O magazine, Cookie, and Better Homes and Gardens. Read their article in Ready Made. Their home and art studio is such an amazing space! See photos of their home here.

OK, on to the DIY, reposted from Ready Made:
Get the goods:
    • Old floor joist (free or a few bucks at salvage shops)
    • 4 hairpin legs ($14–$30 each,
    • Clear paste wax
    • #8 1.5-inch wood screws
Follow the instructions:
    1. Sand the joist, but not so much that it turns into something from The Home Depot. You want to preserve the rough-hewn vibe.
    2. Use clear paste wax (such as Butcher’s Bowling Alley Wax) on the joist and rub it until you get a little bit of a gloss.
    3. Attach the legs; if your joist is straight, just screw them on and stand upright.
    4. If your joist is warped, add material under the base of the legs as you screw them on, such as a shim, a little piece of Masonite, or ¼-inch plywood.
I need to find a local salvage shop soon! I LOVE the look of this bench! I really want to make one!

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