Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Printed Burlap

Using burlap sacks in interiors seems to be all the rage nowadays (p.s., my sister-in-law says I sound like a little old lady whenever I use terms like "all the rage"). But really, printed burlap seems to be popping up everywhere! I think they lend an old Americana influence to interiors. I really like a little printed burlap thrown into an industrial feeling space to give it a little character.

 Like this Postage Sofa from Horchow. 
Love the vintage-meets-industrial look, but not the $4000 price tag.

This vintage grainsack rug from VivaTerra is really cool. Speaking of old grainsacks, we have a bunch of old quilts from my grandma that are backed by old flour sacks- really cool!

These Pottery Barn pillows from coffee bean bags are personally my favorite. I love anything coffee! I do wish that these came in other colors besides red.
Look at these beautiful Louis XV chairs from Jayson. I love that they are each unique! These would look really great paired with a rustic metal dining table!

There's a great DIY tutorial (found here) for making your own printed burlap! I always thought you just had to find vintage grain sacks or coffee bean sacks from coffee shops or ebay (like this, or this), which is still a really cool idea. But if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, just make your own! 
Basically, you purchase enough burlap, from a place like this. Decide what text you want to use, blow it up to the correct size and have it printed on laminate or something plastic (Kinko's can do this), and cut it out- this will be your stencil. Then water down some paint (to create a weathered look) and paint the burlap using your new stencil! Voila! Now use the printed burlap to upholster a chair, make a pillow, or whatever innovative use you can think of! I think framed wall art would be super cool!

As with any DIY, I'd love to see your results! Send me pictures and I'll feature them on the blog! Happy stamping!

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