Sunday, February 28, 2010

Let's Get Horizontal

 I'm so bad. 
I can never remember where I snag photos from. I read blogs and website and save pictures to my ENORMOUSLY FULL "Inspiration File" and think to myself, "I'll label those later."
Of course, I don't. And then I forget the source.....

Anyway, I LOVE this idea. Horizontal wood planks (a la Dwell home exteriors) are so modern feeling, with an industrial honesty-of-materials taste. This would be such a great project!
Are you a long-term renter who needs architectural interest, but not the wall-moving/renovating kind of interest? I think this could be really really cool! Doesn't Urban Outfitters have this kind of feature in their stores? 
Well I love it. Do you?



  1. I want to make a headboard out of wood like that... could be cool...

  2. The natural texture and color of wood planks made the design more wonderful! It can also be great to add different color paints on it, but make sure to retain the natural vibes. ;)