Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You're SO Naive!

Just added this to my Amazon cue:

I have always LOVED illustrations and graphics from the '60's! This book is about the graphic design from the '40's to the '60's. The Amazon review describes the style that graphic designers are rediscovering as "stylistic" and reminiscent of "silkscreen, classic typography, hand lettering, woodcutting and folk art."

New designers are integrating styles from Saul Bass (famous for his film titles and logo design), Charley Haper (modernist graphic artist), and the fabulously talented Alexander Girard (textile designer who worked with the Eames' and George Nelsen). This "new" graphic style enlists the use of "earth and pastel shades, reduced strokes, patterns and shapes with a strong folkloristic element."


 Doesn't this remind you of Sasek childrens' books? I'd love to tear out some pages and frame them for dining room art, or kid's room art, or any wall that needs some funky graphic illustrations!  I just adore this style! And I'm very excited to see how modern graphic artists and designers are taking inspiration from that beloved older style!


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