Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Inspiration

Today is a rainy day. 
Not the kind that is dark and depressing and makes me wonder if I'm experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder. No, it's the kind of rainy day that's delicious. The sun keeps peeping out from behind the clouds in between showers. The air is chilly but not freezing cold. And I'm in the Texas hill country- one of my favorite places. 
It's where I grew up. I think the winters are the best here. It's usually sunny, windy, and moderately cold- happy winter weather. So I'm in a good mood for a Monday.

Back to the rain... aren't these adorable? My friend Lauren just got them. I think they'd make a gloomy rainy day a happy one. Everyone should have a cute pair of wellies, don't you think?

The other day I googled "Westies on a walk" and this picture popped up. Really?! These Westies are definitely not walking. But how adorable is this little old man on his moped!??!!? Guess some people have their own definition of "taking the dog out." LOVE it. :)

Do you know about Dezeen? One of my old friends from interior design school sent me a link to it the other day and I can't seem to stop looking at it. It's a design and architecture blog featuring cutting edge projects.

Lately, I've really been missing Domino. sigh. I was visiting my friend Katie, who still displays old issues on her coffee table... I leafed through several and was transported back to pre-economy failure days when I took for granted my favorite shelter magazine. I was a faithful subscriber since it's very first issue, but stupidly threw most of the old issues away. I think I still have 2007-2009 in a box in my storage unit somewhere. I'm a little excited to think about digging them out. They're like old friends.

Speaking of Domino magazine, photographer Anna Wolf, whose work often graced Domino's pages has an incredible portfolio. I especially love her portraits and travel images.

Quite the feminine perspective, I think. 

I hope the rest of your Monday is wondeful!



  1. i saw the boots and was like "hey i have those". then i kept reading and was like "yep".

    also why do you google "westies on a walk"? dork. =P

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  3. Lauren, I AM a dork. I was googling to get my westie fix. I love westies. I felt I needed pictures of westies on a walk.... hahaha.