Thursday, March 11, 2010

Eclectic Style

Fashion Designer Nanette Lepore has the most incredible home, as feature in Metropolitan Magazine. Nanette and her husband and daughter found this place in Manhattan's West Village. After having it renovated, they hired none other than, of course, Jonathan Adler for the decor work (I guess I'm on an Adler kick lately).

 You know how Rachel Zoe always says, "I die"... I think my catch phrase for homes like this is "I drool." Hmmm... no? Don't think that phrase will catch on? K, well, worth a try. :)

Seriously, have a look at these drool-worthy photos:
 This living room is my absolute favorite room.
The article describes the color palette, on paper, as "a funky '70s tapestry: teal, eggplant, acid-green, plum, cocoa, orange, lipstick-red." However, Adler reined in the color scheme by keeping the wall white allowing the textiles to act as the "juicy shades," Adler says. 
My favorite pieces are the tufted leather ottoman, Wagner Bear Chair, and the flea market find Eva Peron portrait.

Next fave is this living room: Platner chairs, gold curtains, chandelier, teal velvet tufted ottoman... fabulous.
The artwork paired with the green chair upholstery and vintage vistosi chandelier makes this chic dining room also feel eclectic and curated.

Well, maybe this room is my favorite. Or maybe I just love them all!  The sofa, chair and ottoman, and sconces are all vintage.

This scarlet kitchen by Schiffini is surprising to me!

I love what Adler says about her "gypsy-like" dressing room: "Every inch is like a cake with amazing embellishments and gorgeous textures." The article says that "Vintage frocks span one wall, Lepore's own designs hang on another, and there is row upon row of shoes. It is the boudoir of a chic magpie, someone with joie de vivre."
LOVE her closet (the poodle's name is Bunny- CUTE!)

The bedroom is surprisingly simple, with a few splashes of citron, pink, and blue.

Fabulously minimal bathroom

Her daughter Violet has SUCH a cool room. Velvet orange daybed, fuschia walls, powder blue chair, and Jonathan Adler printed pillows? So cool.

Don't you just want to be Nanette? Her home is sturely a true representation of her style. Just look at some of her spring 2010 collection :

Nanette is so cool.



  1. Your "resume" is amazing. I don't even know if one can even call it a resume since it is so spectacular. Did you design it yourself?

  2. ha ha, thanks so much, Megan. Yes, it is my resume. Time to get back to work after a year off! :)

  3. Steph - ok, had to give a shout out - love the blog! AND - N's niece did Nanette Lapore's garden design (kate ewald and amy wilson - blue angel garden design). She was living w/us before you and Tay and the Scamp. Still has the garden design biz - but is based in Jackson Wy - and Amy is doing continuing biz in NYC. too funny. check her out in the March issue of Bon Appetit (backcounty bolagnese). We were just there too - for leftovers. best...jg

  4. J,
    That is so COOL! You have such star connections. I found the Bon Appetit article:
    Thanks for sharing!

    Hope you and N are doing well! Miss you guys!