Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dreamy Kitchens

I like to bake. And I'm good at it. Does this make me sound conceited? No really, in one of my college art classes, we had an performance art assignment and I made my favorite chocolate chip cookies as my "piece." Ha ha! Anyway, I've really been wanting to putter around in the kitchen lately, trying out new recipes (hence the glut of recipes I've been posting) so I guess that's why all these kitchen images are speaking to me...

First, a DIY glass etching tutorial from Martha Stuart (via Simplified Bee). If you couldn't find a set of old-school vintage jars, maybe these or these would work.
More kitchen organizing tips from Martha here.

So back to kitchen organization....

I like the pegboards, baskets, and jars- everything looks so contained!
Would you be inspired to cook or bake more if your kitchen was clean, lovely, and organized?

These kitchens... just gorgeous. My favorite is the last one, with the industrial-frosty-glass cabinet doors.


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