Friday, March 5, 2010

Cheeky Color

Jonathan Adler for Liz Lange

Liz Lange's airy beach home designed by Jonathan Adler
Photos from House Beautiful.

Jonathan's design approach: "We painted all the floors white, which is something I always love to do for instant happiness. Color is a great way to express playfulness. Throughout the house, we used turquoise, yellow, lime green, black and white, with nothing toned down. One of the nice things is that it's a light-filled house, and the colors just crank that up to the next level...

"We went with a programmatic approach — the black and white foundation infused with single punches of color. 

"In the foyers and living room, it's black and white with a splash of turquoise. 

"We built on that in the dining room, adding lemon yellow to the mix. 

There's a purity to the colors and a purity to the nature of the design that reflects Liz's strong sense of who she is."

Since one of my strengths is color consulting, I completely LOVE Jonathan's approach to color for this project!  The dining room is one of my favorite dining rooms maybe EVER! Look for a Designer CopyCat post on this room!!!

What's your favorite room? Do you like this bright palette with fun splashes of color? Or would it overwhelm you?



  1. Oh my word, I'm in love! I adore how he has used color and pattern so expertly, making the rooms feel light and airy but very graphical at the same time. Really stellar.

    I don't think I'd ever have the guts to use lime green and turquoise in the same room, but it's cool to see how it develops here. The "all white" backdrop makes it work.

  2. Love this house so of my all time faves by Jonathan Adler!

  3. Stephanie, Thank you for finding my blog! Yes you should drag out the sewing machine and use it. I have never wanted a dress with an open back more than I do right now when I look at those patterns.

    I would for there to be a way for me to paint a floor while I'm still renting. I am obsessed with painted floors and the color Navy. Thanks for posting this, these pictures are really great. I am following you now (in blogland not in real life that would be creepy).

  4. I really like the dining room picture with the white and black zig zag carpet (surely there is a name for that) and the yellow of the chairs and the blue of the curtains and the vase on the table and yah, I just simply love it. Yum. P.s. Really like this blog.