Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Inspiration

Another rainy Monday? sigh. Today I'm working on some ideas and plans about our next phase... project: putting-life-back-together-after-a-year-of-wanderlusting. More on that later. ;)

J'adore Kishani Perera. I've blogged about her before, I know, but today, I just love this image. It's so perfect for the rainy drizzling day. I love the greyish-white cool background; I love the arched window; I love the white painted brick fire place; I love the dark (is it navy or is it black) front door; I love the restrained splashes of yellows, teals, and purple-y pinks. 
I love the simplicity of it all.

I'm dying to make these: Coconut Milk Fudge! (from Smitten Kitchen)
Apparently these are chocolate/coconutty dulce de leche little treats. The foundation being sweetened condensed milk... a Southern thing, isn't it? Add cocunut milk, butter and corn syrup (don't let the "it's made from corn and is fine in moderation" crap fool you into thinking this is healthy), boil, reduce heat to low until you get  a fudgey texture (mmm), then refridgerate. The fun part looks like the rolling into balls and dipping into pistachios or toasted coconut or sprinkles. 
(Really. I'm heading out the door to the grocery store to grab the ingredients as soon as I'm finished with this post)

This room is killing me. 
After scrolling through my ridiculously long blogger reader, I came across these images (from Design Dump) and saw that they're from a furniture manufacturer IN SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE!!! 
I LOVE San Miguel! We went for New Year's this year and it was FABULOUS!
Anyway, the furniture makers/artisans are called Casamidy
Go there and drool. 
Lovely things.

this is where we stayed in San Miguel. 
You need to go there.
Really, you do.

Happy New Week!


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  1. fab post!
    Love kishani, those look yummy and I so need a vacation!