Friday, November 12, 2010

Quite a Yarn

images from Paper City

Uh oh, the crafty bug has bitten again. We got a cold front last night too. Of course you know, this means, I have all my yarn out. Last year, I learned how to crochet... which resulted in a slew of hats, finger-less gloves, and scarves. This year, I'm learning to knit! It's a little slower, but a tighter, more "commercial-looking" stitch, in my opinion. I like it!

Maybe everyone is feeling the same yarny bug? Aren't these images from Paper City cool? Artist Elaine Bradford makes "crafty little coverings for taxidermy, which Bradford crochets by hand, then stitches on section by section, sometimes altering her woodland creatures to have illogically long necks or gangly, dangly feet — our girl weaves and knits and crafts and spins a deliciously twisted tale about marvelous mohair, nubby knits and woven wonders."

So odd and whimsical!

This high fashion rendering of yarn crafts has me wanting to make my own. Exhibit A: Deconstructed Cowl with a very Urban Outfitters vibe. (And yes, of course mine will be green. You know how obsessed I am).
pattern image from Ravelry

pattern image from Ravelry; click here for pattern
Also, out of necessity, I am making a French press cozy. Does your French press get cold too? Maybe I'll post pictures if this turns out well. ;)
image and pattern from Design*Sponge
And now is when things get out of control....
Y'all, if I had my dream dog Westie, don't you know I would make it a sweater! Of course, I would. The concept of a dog apparel craft book is too hilarious for me. I found this at JoAnne's fabric while shopping with my mom a few months ago- too funny.

In case this weird post has inspired you, I suggest watching a video to learn, maybe like these. I will be watching this one on the stockinette stitch.




  1. love that green cowl. I will be off to get that pattern! when I should be studying!! I take the LEED exam tomorrow and I am freaking out!! I have been studying like crazy. wish me luck!!

  2. oooooh! I took the LEED exam two years ago- not very interesting material to memorize. But I passed in one go, so I'm sure you will too! Don't freak out! It's mostly just boring. ha ha!

  3. totally diggin the green cowl scarfie thing :) fun inspiration!