Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Everything We Make

via FlickerDesign.

I think art and design have everything to do with a person's narrative- how they view life. 

People create because they love to make things and they love a certain craft (metal work, knitting, painting, etc) but ultimately they create because they have something to say

The way I was raised, the stories I heard as I grew up, the life experiences I've had that are personal only to me all influence how I think. It's not necessarily that I want to share my brilliant (or mundane) life experience with the whole world- it's more than those experiences/thought patterns/philosophies are so ingrained in me as a whole person that I cannot separate myself or my art from that. 

We have some dear friends who love to say that the way you live is your art. The way you make your bed, or buy groceries, or fix your hair says something about you and what you believe to be true about the human narrative. What you think and believe to be true of the world, of God, of humanity, of yourself- this all influences everything you do and your life becomes the art.

When I create, whether is a fun craft or a design for a client, the thing I produce has a flavor of my narrative in it. I cannot help it!

Looking through the narrative or story lens at every day things as well as brilliant art exhibits gives an entirely new perspective. I'd like to try to be more intentional about putting on this "narrative lens" when I look around me at the beautiful things in life.

Interesting, no?




  1. I really like that... "the way you live is your art," had never thought of it that way.
    good things...

  2. Intersting,yes! I completely agree!
    I love thinking about it that way :-)

    ~ Clare x