Monday, October 4, 2010

Run-by Mod

If you run the Rice University loop, you have more than likely seen this incredible house. I can't believe I missed the open house tour in March by Rice Design Alliance. But every time I run out there, I slow my pace (even more than normal) to cast a longing gaze at this modern beauty. I've always wondered about the people who live there.

 I LOVE this back courtyard.

 I also adore this kitchen. Look at that island!

Master bedroom is a little sparse for my taste. I'd add some some mid-century upholstered pieces.
But the view of the other Rice homes is so lovely.

  Glorious master bath. Yum.

 Of course I love the tub.

Every time I run Rice, I see this house with this giraffe in the front second story window. It's neat to see the inside of this child's room and get full view of that little giraffe buddy. :)

All pictures found here.

Home was designed by Strasser Ragni Architecture.

When can I move in?




  1. beautiful home!
    I love a master bed room with no furniture but only a bed. I did it once at my Pasadena House, let me tell you... it did take a bit of getting used to, but it was so liberating. My room was always neat and clean. (I did have a walk in closet off the room for a small dresser and all my clothes and accessories)
    I LOVE the kitchen!!

  2. WOW, Callie! Neat and clean does sound appealing! Visual clutter makes me anxious. Isn't it true that "clutter breeds confusion?"