Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This post has absolutely nothing to do with Interior Design...

We went to Ohio for a friends' wedding this weekend. It was amazing. Taylor was the photographer and got some incredible shots. I can't wait for him to deliver them to the bride and groom- they are going to love them!

Amidst the wedding festivies I had some great relaxing me time: I spent one afternoon, basking in the sun poolside and another afternoon cuddled up in bed, watching junk TV (sometimes that feels so good) and searching the interwebs.

During this time, I was exposed to these two infomercials. Apparently Mari Winsor has a new pilates system that looks like its kicks butt. And this weird tiny ball thing would make my abs amazing. But in all seriousness, I am looking for some sort of core training routine to supplement my half marathon running program. Running's great and everything, but my middle needs toning, regardless.

Oh crap, did I really just admit to training for a half marathon!??!?! Now, everyone knows and is probably going to hold me accountable. Eff.... really, don't hold me to this... I'm still not sure I can run 13.1 miles without stopping... ever. Even in November after consistent training. I guess we'll see. Now that the cat's out of the bag, I'm doing this program for the San Antonio Rock N Roll Half Marathon. I keep hearing it's a blast and I have a handful of friends coercing, no peer-pressuring encouraging me to do it. All I know is, running 3 miles is hard, so I'm freaking out optimistic about 13.1 miles.

My Street Team (ie, girls who are encouraging me to do this race) have so kindly photoshopped me into a real runner's outfit and paraphenalia to help me visualize myself in preparation for race day. Have a gander:

What awesome friends I have, ha ha. While we're on this health tangent, i might as well divulge my new pet project: Joining an organic food co-op. My friend Lindsey and Liz introduced me to this one and I think it's so so cool. I want to buy produce from it (Thanks a lot, Food Inc).

 Anyway, that's the scoop. Thanks for entertaining my tangent. Any advice on my endeavors? 

PS- check out my friend Brandi and Jacob's work out blog, Shape Up Bracob.



  1. I get sucked into infomercials as well. For example, I almost ordered P90x. However instead, I decided to work with what I have! I have a few workout videos I inherited from my mother, and then I do yoga alot. I can't run because of a 13 year old injury to my leg... so I envy people who can run and train for marathons. You can do it!

  2. my first time to "blog" , first loved your inspiring renderings... signed up for that class this fall... second, that weird little "ball thing" will kick your butt, i should know I TEACH THE CLASS, I'd invite you to my class but you'll need a plane to get here... try it and let me know... i'll try the rendering!