Friday, September 3, 2010

Fall Trends 2010

Fall is my favorite season! 

Although I'm always a little sad to say goodbye to summer with its sunny colors, fresh food, fun footwear (constant pedis and cute sandals), and carefree breeziness, my very favorite season is fall. I love the leaves, the sweater-y textures, the rich muted color palettes, cool weather fashion (hello, BOOTS!) and the spicy comfort food. 
 It's definitely a great time to add some changes to your space. Canadian House and Home delivers great trends for Fall 2010. Here is a list of my favorite fall trends. 
(For the complete list, click here.)
The Color Grey
The new neutral! Hooray! Grey is such a popular color right now and I am delighted to see that it's here to stay, even in cooler weather. 

Salvaged Chic
Reclaimed, recycled, reused, vintage. Yes, the green movement is slowly growing, but I think people are beginning to really appreciate old things that have character and a story.

Industrial Accents
I am ALL over this. Wire baskets, patina-ed metal, industrial-looking light fixtures- all these things toughen up spaces that are either too soft or too modern.

Texture in fabric is always a trend for fall, I think. Texture in flooring and wall material is having a resurgence because of the no fuss factor. Sure, a sleek white laquered wall is incredible looking, but will show every single finger print of the hands that touch it. Texture is welcoming, warming, and easy.


Modern Country Kitchens 
Every magazine and blog seem to be featuring a ton of these... and I'm starting to really appreciate them more. I do want to emphasize the modern part, though. While a country kitchen feels outdated, finding a balance between modern and country feels updated and current.

Classic furniture
Timeless silhoettes with updated details. These pieces never go out of style, do they? 
Check out the French bergere in a linen, the Platner chair, and the Louix XVI chair in cow hide.
Atlantis Home.

Which trends are your favorite? Grey and classic furniture are my faves.




  1. I <3 fall/winter too, Boots and Scarves are my favorite!

    Ideal for my home would be Earthy tones mixed with antiques and classic modern. =) Did that make sense? xo

  2. Oh yes! earthy tones plus the mix of pieces = genius, delicious, comfy! do it! :)