Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rendering Progress Report

Remember how I was dying to get our my rendering markers and refresh my skills with Michelle Morelan's, from A Schematic Life, free tutorials

Well, I never did find those Chartpak markers in my storage unit, but I did find a kind soul on Craigslist willing to part with her set of 50 Prismacolors for $20. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I said 20 bucks. What a happy camper I am! I immediately went home and tried them out. 

First, by making a chart on bristol board paper:
(Don't be jealous of my hand-writing, guys)

Then I traced this photo I found from a photographer's site (why don't I ever record where I snag pics from?!), by following Michelle's tips on sketchy tracing. I did actually use a skinny Sharpie to outline, although Michelle advises not to because they bleed... which is indeed true. But I didn't have any Copic or Staedter liner pens... that's next on the purchase list for Texas Art supply (my favorite store). Then, I loosely colored everything in with the Prismacolor markers.

Here's my final sketchy drawing. It's definitely not as detailed as Michelle's, but I'm happy with how it turned out. Layering the markers for shadows was key.

Here's another image I used as an underlay. It's from Domino Book of Decorating.

Here's my sketchy rendering. I couldn't quite get the curtains the right color and I had some trouble with the lamp light, but it was a good try, I think.

The details are lacking, compared to Michelle's renderings, so hopefully with my renewed interested in rendering, my skills will be improving! It feels good to get back into something you used to enjoy doing, doesn't it?




  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Stephanie :) I'm enjoying yours...and am actually in search of the perfect set of "watercolor-looking" markers, so it's perfect that you blogged on what you used! Keep it up~

  2. I think you did great renderings!! You are sparking interest in me to start rendering again!
    I will have to visit this site so I can practice. I actually miss rendering it is so relaxing and if amazing what one can do with markers and pencils!


  3. great job! i have been wanting to take out my chartpak markers and get back into hand rendering too! it's been so long! love your blog! i'm a native houstonian and an interior designer too! i live in chicago now though!