Friday, October 14, 2011

Don't go breakin' my heart

You know how there are times that you enjoy design elements -like a great chevron patterned wall, or a lovely lucite table- but there are times that you fall head over heals in LOVE with something?!?! Like, it's so amazing, you almost feel desperate to have it in your home or convince a client, a family member, or even a passerby to implement it into their lives!

I feel that way about this wallpaper:

Beautiful beautiful wallpaper....
When I saw this picture, it was like being hit by lightening. I need a wall somewhere to have this.

So i see it at Schumacher at the design center and could hardly leave it there. It's so cruel to an apartment dweller as myself to drool at beautiful wallpapers and not be able to hang them.

Other colorways...

And green....

But my heart belongs to the silver.

Check out the lovely applications (photos from Pink Wallpaper)

This wild print (the pattern comes in fabric too!) makes a traditional banquette unusually cool!

I love this application. Perfect.

This isn't really my style, but doesn't it make a huge statement?!

Please please someone buy this wallpaper, or fabric. Or better yet, call me and I'll help you implement it's utter coolness into your life! ;)

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